Alistair Overeem Wants Cain Velasquez or Junior Dos Santos After Grand Prix

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IApril 16, 2011

Of course the best want to fight the best. After Zuffa purchased the UFC, everybody wanted to see the mega-fights that were as close as ever.

Alistair Overeem is one of those people now.

Overeem reportedly wants to fight either UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, or No. 1 heavyweight contender, Junior dos Santos after the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix is done with.

So much for fighting the winner of the Grand Prix for his belt.

Overeem wanting to fight dos Santos might be for a different reason though. Earlier this week dos Santos had said that he thought Overeem and Brock Lesnar were possible steroid users.

Overeem doesn't and never takes someone accusing of him that easily.

"I have no answer," Overeem said in an interview on "Like I said, he can say what he wants. I've fought numerous times in the states. I've always done all the tests, like all the other athletes and I've always come through the test negative."

Not only did Overeem go for dos Santos, he also claims fan-favorite, Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic has declined to fight him, not once, but a couple times.

"He declined to fight me on two occasions and then he fought some no name," Overeem said. "Knocked him out in like 20 seconds. And then he announced to the pubic, live in the venue, 'Yeah I hope to come back again,' and he said something like 'Respect for my opponent, he is the one who wanted to step up. There was nobody else who wanted to fight me.'  Well he declined to fight me twice. So that's rubbing me in the face. And then the light began to spark off between us because I was calling him like 'You're lying.'  I dislike people who lie."

But to Overeem, everything is good, and there is nothing to gain from fighting the aging Cro Cop.

"Then he talked about me a little bit, I talked about him and then we got the fight. My opinion, I showed the world who was the better one, and for me, that was the end of that. One other thing, they offered the rematch after at the Dynamite show. He declined that again, and then for me, it was enough. I already know he doesn't want to fight me, he knows he's gonna lose. For me, he declares I'm better, so that was fine. Since then, he's been going back to the UFC, and he performed average. So for me, there is nothing to gain by fighting him," said Overeem.

But as for Velasquez, Overeem thinks is a good fighter but not the No. 1 heavyweight in the world like multiple media outlets have him ranked. Mainly because, Velasquez, didn't fight in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. The winner of that tournament to Overeem, is the No. 1 heavyweight in the world.

"Cain is a good striker, good wrestling," Overeem said. "He, in my opinion, is not ranked No. 1. How do I see myself against him? Well, it's gonna be a great fight. He is a well-rounded fighter. I think I'm better on the feet, on the ground probably equal. It's probably gonna be a matter of time, it's gonna be a matter of time until we see that fight.

"In my opinion, the winner of the Strikeforce GP is, without a doubt, the number one in the world," Overeem said. 

Overeem wants both Velasquez and dos Santos though after the tournament. After the dust settles at the end of this year, a fight with dos Santos and Velasquez could be very possible for the Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Overeem, if the UFC and Strikeforce do decide to have a New Year's Eve mega-card involving numerous crossover fights.

When asked who Overeem definitely wanted to fight next he simply said:

"Cain Velasquez," Overeem said. "And why? Because he is the UFC champion, and believe you me, when the tournament is over, I'll be coming for him. And after I'm done with him, we're gonna go after dos Santos for his nice comment."