Kyle Petty, Scott Speed Show How Nascar Mirrors Fashion

Mary Jo BuchananSenior Writer IOctober 8, 2008

One of the most popular shows on television today is Project Runway. The premise of the show is taking up-and-coming fashion designers, having them meet crazy design challenges, and then sending that fashion out on their models to walk the runway.

Project Runway is hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum. Her job, in addition to looking spectacular each and every show, is to share with the designers "who is in and who is out". 

If you are in, you get to continue on to the next fashion challenge, ultimately showing your fashion in Bryant Park during Fashion Week in New York City. And if you're out, you get the famous kiss off on both cheeks and "auf Wiedersehen" (German for farewell) from Klum.

In a recent interview, while announcing their next Victory Junction Camp undertaking in Kansas, Patty Petty revealed that her husband Kyle is addicted to Project Runway. She shared that Kyle watches every episode and then calls his friends to debrief on "who is in and who is out."

Patty also revealed that Kyle is a real "fashionista." Even when times were toughest for her family and they could barely make ends meet at racing, Kyle would still make sure he had the latest clothes and shoes for the best look possible.

Unfortunately, Petty Enterprises seems to be giving Kyle Petty the Heidi Klum treatment. Executive Vice President Robbie Loomis said that Petty's future is still under discussion for 2009 and Petty is free to explore other opportunities. 

Can the double kiss and the "auf Wiedersehen" be far behind for Kyle Petty?

AS Petty's future is questioned, there is another driver who may be "in", or at least coming into the sport. This driver is also riveted by fashion and certainly sports his own style.

While not off the pages of GQ, up-and-coming stock car driver Scott Speed certainly has his own fashion sense. In addition to painting his toenails (he has a "rocking" nail salon that he frequents), Scott also proudly wears the latest fashion.

Ok, so he favors silk shirts that are more often found on women than men.  And so he favors hot pink and purple as his color choices. He also is admittedly obsessed with shoes, which according to Nascar Scene, he even likes to pet and fondle at times.

Regardless of his fashion perversions, Speed appears to be the real deal. He is one race away from clinching the ARCA REMAX championship.  

Speed was also set to make his Cup debut at Lowes Motor Speedway this weekend.  Qualifying, however, was rained out so Speed will have to wait until Martinsville for that prime opportunity.   

So, there are drivers that are in and those that are out. While Kyle Petty most certainly appears destined for the kiss off, Scott Speed seems to be fully on his way "in."

And in NASCAR, as in fashion, that's all that matters.