Please Media, Get Off Tim's Tebow

Jonny SAnalyst IOctober 8, 2008

As we draw closer and closer to the 2008 Presidential Election, it is hard to read or view anything from an objective source anymore. Whether you are voting for Barack Obama or John McCain doesn't matter...all Americans can agree that this is by far the most biased and ridiculous coverage of any major U.S event. 

Nobody has received the amount of love Obama has received from the media since, well, Tim Tebow. 

Don't get me wrong—Tebow is a great player on a good team and he deserves attention, no doubt. Yet I found myself hysterically laughing last night while watching ESPN's coverage of the Florida Atlantic vs. Troy football game. Analysts Lou Holtz and Rece Davis responded to a caller from Louisiana who talked about how Tim Tebow should still be considered one of the Heisman favorites.

Of course Holtz agreed, and so did Rece Davis. The third commentator, Mark May, was less vocal about it and sort of shrugged their comments aside. Holtz then went on to discuss how it will come down to Tebow and several of the Big 12 quarterbacks for the annual trip to New York.

Holtz then went on to defend his statements by saying that the lack of West Coast stars is a huge reason why the trophy will go to someone from the Southeast. May, as he usually does, defended the West Coast and said how about Mark Sanchez from USC? Holtz and Davis immediately laughed at such a suggestion and said, "Yeah right."

Sanchez is not the only one that will get defended in this article, but because it was on the telecast last night, I would like to compare Sanchez' numbers against Tim Tebow's so we can see if it really is as laughable as Davis and Holtz made it seem.

Sanchez: 80 Pass completions in 120 attempts (66.7 percent) for 1,069 yards; 13 touchdowns; three interceptions; yards per attempt: 8.91; longest touchdown pass: 63 yards.  Sanchez' total QB rating for the 2008 season so far is 172.24.

Tebow: 79 Pass completions in 128 attempts (61.7 percent) for 1,025 yards; eight touchdowns; one interception; yards per attempt: 8.01; longest touchdown pass: 48 yards. Tebow's total QB rating for the 2008 season so far is 148.05.

By the way, Tebow has also played in one more game than Sanchez.

Somehow among all of those stats that favor Sanchez almost unanimously, Rece Davis and Lou Holtz found it laughable to put Sanchez up with the other candidates, particularly Tebow. All I have to say is this...that is completely unfair biased journalism/coverage.

I don't want to hear anyone say, "Tebow's SEC schedule is the reason why he should be considered." Please, folks: Tebow's toughest opponent so far is Ole Miss, who has lost to Wake Forest and South Carolina this year.

Tebow has also played Hawaii, Miami (who just gave up 40 points to Florida State), Tennessee (who was beaten by UCLA), and lastly the pathetic defense of the Arkansas Razorbacks, who almost lost to Louisiana-Monroe.

Other than Ohio State, USC hasn't played any tough defensive teams either, and they did lose to an Oregon State team that should not have won but certainly outplayed the Trojans on that night.

Sanchez was not all that bad vs. Oregon State. It was the run game and the fumbles that killed them. But people only remember the last interception Sanchez threw, of course.

Tebow is glorified each and every week on College GameDay. It almost seems that Tebow has his own reality show on ESPN as each week they break down his throwing motion, his charity work, his Christian principles, and of course, how he is the type of guy every father wants their daughter to bring home (paraphrasing a comment made by Kirk Herbstreit). 

Once again, I appreciate and respect his faith, passion, and work in the community. I would never criticize that. But since when is the Heisman award based on moral contributions to society?

If those were the standards, a BYU player would probably have to make the trip to New York every year for the ceremony since those players take missions all over the globe to do charitable and religious work.

Tebow is currently eighth in the ESPN experts' poll while Michael Crabtree sits in ninth. Are you kidding me? How is Tebow even in the top 12 right now in that poll?

Meanwhile, Sanchez is nowhere to be found, and even Knowshon Moreno is missing. I am not a big Juice Williams fan by any means, but even his stats passing and rushing are far more impressive than Tebow's—yet he comes in at 12th place.

Fact is, the media has a huge crush on Tim Tebow. Maybe it is his spiky hair. Maybe he makes them melt in their seats when he cries at press conferences (I am not condemning crying or passion by the way).

Or maybe it is the fact that the media has extreme bias that gets in the way of facts. Come to think of it, that seems right.

Tebow won the trophy last year, and his stats were deserving. This year, however, he should not even be mentioned in the top 20. His teammate, Percy Harvin, is actually far more valuable this season than Tebow. 

The job of the media is to try to bring cold hard facts to the public and display them in a fair manner. OK, I get the fact that Holtz is a former Notre Dame coach, so he is not too fond of USC—fine. But it is his job. He is a professional who gets paid to be a so-called "expert."

It is impossible to be 100 percent unbiased, I know that—but when people get paid to cover things as objectively as possible and they don't even try...that is when it gets ridiculous.

If Tebow went to any other school or played in any other conference than the SEC, he would not even be in the discussion. The media needs to do their job and realize that even through their blurry eyes, Tebow is not perfect and will never be. 

No player has received the attention or airtime that Tebow has received these past two years, and by doing so, many talented and great human beings have gone unnoticed and unappreciated by the media. 

Tebow could very well turn his season around and have an incredible second half—and if he does, kudos to him.

All I ask for is some equal respect and equal attention for all worthy parties, no matter the location. Until then, though...

Get off Tim's Tebow and give the attention to people who actually deserve it right now.


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