Kellen Moore of Boise State the Real Deal

D. WalkerAnalyst IOctober 8, 2008

I've been a college football fan since the early '60s and have attended games all over this country.  I consider myself to be a fairly good student of the game.

But enough about me. This story is about a young man by the name of Kellen Moore who is the starting quarterback for Boise State. This guy is the real deal. 

Moore is the son of a very successful high school football coach in the state of Washington.  While watching Moore play, you can see that he's learned the game well, having been at his father's side since his childhood. 

I can honestly say that I have not seen a freshman quarterback as good as Moore. He has the ability to read defenses with the best of them.  He utilizes six to eight receivers every game and his passing stats are off the charts. And he's a freshman on top of that! 

Opposing defenses will have their hands full with Moore. 

Ask the Oregon Ducks about Moore and I'm sure they won't want to talk much about him.  He was like a skilled surgeon against one of the best teams in the PAC-10, throwing to eight different receivers for over 300 yards. 

And we're talking about an Oregon team with two of the nation's best cornerbacks and quite possibly one the nation's best secondaries.  Moore was cool and calm as he diced apart the Ducks and their potential All-Americans. 

Granted, Oregon was clobbered by a great USC team last weekend, but when you're talking about one of the elite PAC-10 programs against a WAC team, you are generally talking an Oregon win. 

Not this year, and that's because of young Moore. 

In the years to come, Moore can really make a mark on the college football world. All-American?  Not out of the question. Heisman candidate?  If he continues to grow from his already lofty position then I would have to say yes. He's that good. 

Full disclosure here: I'm not a die-hard Boise State fan either.  In fact, I'm one of the many unfortunate fans of the U of W Husky program! 

Perhaps the string of bad seasons my Huskies have had brought me to the Broncos and it's fair to say that indeed I may become a BSU die-hard if I watch much more of Kellen Moore! 

They need to change his name to Kellen "the real deal" Moore.