Rashad Evans Twitter: Jon Jones Is Fake, Will Be MMA's Version of Milli Vanilli

Nick Caron@@nicholascaronAnalyst IApril 16, 2011

What was once a relationship which saw Rashad Evans refer to Jon Jones as a “brother” has apparently soured as the two UFC light heavyweights have turned to going after one another on Twitter and in the media.

Jones recently spoke out, stating that he, could have finished Rashad Evans in training on many occasions.

Rashad Evans took exception to this statement by responding on Twitter.

@jonnybones must b high! Cuz remember him looking at me begging me 2 let him up cuz he couldn't get back 2 his feet in training.”

As the current UFC light heavyweight champion, Jones holds only one professional loss in a fight in which he was disqualified for using illegal elbows. However, most analysts perceive that loss to actually be a win, as Jones was completely dominating the fight and likely could have finished the fight with punches or legal elbows if he was being more careful.

Many who have spoken to the champion have talked about how humble he is, but Rashad Evans doesn’t see it that way.

“@jonnybones is a Swagger Jacker!,” he continued. “@jonnybones will b mma's version of Milli Vinilli.. Wait until the curtain comes down cuz it will!! he is fake! The fighting is off the hook but as a person he is fake!”

The champion wouldn’t be roped into saying much, but did offer a simple shot back at Evans.

“@SugaRashadEvans #cmonson,” he replied.

The No. 1 contender will certainly look to bring it when the two step into the cage later this year in a fight that is expected to take place sometime in September or October.

“@jonnybones it's been on!! Get off your own fan bus cuz nobody is driving!! U ain't as raw as u believe & I'm gonna show ya!!”

We’re still months away and the trash talk is already brewing. This is about to get very, very good.