Ring Of Honor: Truly Rising Above

C CCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2008

Ring Of Honor, the top indy organization in pro-wrestling today is getting ready for their upcoming lineup of shows which should give their fans some top quality action that will finish off what has already been a great year for the company.

If you have never seen an ROH event then you are truly missing out on some of the best quality wrestling on the market today. I recently attended their "Death Before Dishonor VI" show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. This was not the first ROH event I have attended, but I will say it was better than the first two that I attended (Manhattan Mayhem in August of '07 and the "Rising Above" PPV last December) which really impresses me.

On the other hand, I also attended a WWE house show a week after I went to DBD in August and it just didn't compare. Now I know it was just a house show and I wasn't going into it expecting a great wrestling event for the ages, but it was in Wildwood New Jersey where they hyped the show a good amount as it is a huge vacationing area, so I was expecting a pretty good show (it was decent, three out of five I'd give it).

My point is that I love knowing that I am going to get something better than the last show I attended when I go to an ROH show and knowing that I will not be let down by a bunch of mediocre performances by their wrestlers. Their talent is some of the best out there and this is a fact, not just my opinion.

Many of their stars have gone onto WWE and TNA as most people know, but the sad thing is they just don't compare to what they once were in ROH. It's not their fault, I understand that it's a completely different stage working with the big name companies compared to the indy organizations.

ROH has grown over the years since it was founded in 2002 though, and even more so now than ever. They made their PPV debut last summer and put one out about every two months. Unfortunately these shows are all pre-recorded and don't actually debut on PPV for a couple months after they actually happen, but that doesn't bother the average ROH fan. They know whenever they turn on an ROH DVD or order one of their PPVs they are not going to be let down.

The company's catchphrase "real wrestling, for real fans" truly captures their essence in providing quality shows for their fans. They know wrestling fans are tired of the same old rivalries and trashy promos they get from the weekly wrestling shows, and pride themselves on giving the fans something new and different at every show.

Their talent goes above the rest with a broad range of technical, speedy, and high-flying wrestlers that make up their roster. The wrestlers also show great character with their gimmicks, cutting hilarious promos that would never have a chance of passing through the creative team of the big companies.

ROH also has close ties to the major Japanese promotion Pro-Wrestling NOAH allows them to bring in some of the best Japanese wrestlers who never fail to impress.

The top organizations will always be there to watch every week (well maybe not always) and they are the true heart of the pro-wrestling industry without a doubt. But it's nice to know there's a company out there actually putting on wrestling shows for the fans.

By wrestling I mean WRESTLING, not wrestling half of the show and talking the other half!

Don't get me wrong, ROH still has in ring promos and such, but for the most part you know you're going to get TNA (TRUE non-stop action) when you walk into the building for an ROH show or turn on one of their DVDs, which is why Ring Of Honor (to quote on-air commentator Dave Prazak) "truly is rising above!"