WWE Going Back to Basics: Why Triple H Can Help the Sport by Developing Talent

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 15, 2011

In today’s world, patience is no longer a virtue. Everything has to be instant and many people see things in a"it’s-now-or-never!” type of way.

With technology booming, people are able to get access to things that interest them in the blink of an eye. Most people will start a riot/throw a fit if that “thing” doesn’t happen immediately!

This premise can apply to sports entertainment and specifically the WWE. Back in the, “good old days” of sports entertainment, championship runs where spread out.

Titles didn't change hands in a short space of time.

In recent times, a champion could hold a title for one week then lose it to a rival, who would lose it to a new competitor in a month. This notion is exaggerated, but only slightly.

Also superstars/wrestlers or divas can be instantly pushed onto the main stage and go from a nobody to a somebody in the snap of a finger.

This could hold true in the case of Goldberg, who came out of nowhere to become a mainstream hit. Although his abilities aren’t great, being in the spotlight gave him an opportunity to become a popular act.

In the past, a superstar would have to pay his dues and slowly make his way to the top.

Many of the new talents have been pushed into the spotlight because many of wrestling's superstars are approaching the end of their careers.

It's time for some major rebuilding in wrestling.

But at the same time, even though a wrestler is in the spotlight, it doesn't mean that he/she has officially arrived, and their success isn't certain. We have seen many of the great talents get pushed into the limelight, just to be knocked down and have another fresh face replace them. Should the WWE slow down on pulling the trigger on new wrestlers so hastily?

It seems so.

On Sescoops.com, it was reported that Triple H will take a new approach to talent development. Triple H is looking for a new philosophy in his attempts to develop young talent:

“According to sources, the vignettes the WWE has aired for Sin Cara and Awesome Kong are part of Triple H’s (somewhat old-school) philosophy of wanting to build up fans’ anticipation for new characters, as opposed to just having them show up on TV out of the blue.”

This is a good idea; going back to basics is what the WWE needs. Rather than having a potential star showing up and then experiencing a fall from grace because he/she is not ready.

While technology has been upgraded, fans attention spans have downgraded. Fans are always looking for something new and fresh! If the "New World Order" storyline were to take place in today's wrestling climate, I highly doubt it would have the same success.

It may work at first, but fans would get bored quickly and focus on the WWE product, tuning out the WCW.

Pushing a wrestler into superstar stardom early in his/her career means that he/she would remain the main attraction for a long time and have numerous title runs. Case in point, fans are tired of John Cena getting a major role on every pay-per-view event.

Now when it comes to guys like Morrison and guys who are no longer with the WWE, like Shelton Benjamin, these wrestlers could have been around longer and went through the ringer before reaching the top.

But if you are getting heat and causing disturbances behind the scenes, then maybe you don’t deserve to be at top (John Morrison!).

As talent continues to grow in the WWE through FCW, NXT and Tough Enough, it is time for the wrestlers, who've paid their dues, to rise into the spotlight and make way for newcomers.

Triple H’s approach is great.

Not only will these new stars garner interest with vignettes and matches, but it will probably put more interest back into the tag team belts and IC & US titles.

The point of the titles listed above were to reward a star in the making, but lately it seems like the WWE throws around titles just to create a storyline.

But with Triple H in charge, we might see some interesting changes in the way wrestlers make their way to the top.