Nigel Pearson and the Dragon with Eleven Heads: Newcastle United's New Saga

Eddy ShearyadiCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2008

The story continues. The Kingdom of NorthEast still wondering who will be in charge after they have lost their new knight who is just 8 months in charge.

The War is not completed, and his deputy now sweating about the possibility to go to the rest of the war.

Meanwhile, the new King and his Joker are still working from one meeting to another, and outside the castle the people of Geordieland are busy with their own speculations about who is the upcoming hero for them.

The local young lad, who has been involved in many of the Kingdom battles before, is now waiting for any knock on his door, and so is his old mentor Lord Keegan.

The former knight deputy who is in charge now has so little power, no long-term plan, no job security, and no idea who is coming to take the remaining soldiers.

However, Nigel Pearson faces all of these sudden tasks bravely. This is the second time he had to cope with the removal of a knight he has helped for at Geordieland.

He has tasted his first defeat in a battle last weekend, and it was something that he won’t want to experience again. But tonight, He will be in for another duty again, and to raise his sword up high and give commands to the Black-and-White army in a war against the challenge from Stoke City.

And this time he knows it that he is simply cannot contemplate another defeat.

It is surely an uncertain and uncomfortable time for everyone at the Kingdom. Against the Potteries, who is in a normal battlefield, with proper knight in charge. Too bad, now they look like a dragon with eleven heads to fight for the Black-and-White army.

And to give more of the uncertain, the King of the Gallowgate is now forced to include any possibility of an imported Knight to rule his Kingdom army, and the story continues…