My Dream Team, Drawing on Present Day Superstars

Kody SolomonContributor IOctober 8, 2008

PG Chris Paul—New Orleans Hornets

Chris Paul really had a breakout season this year with an all-star appearance and he was runner up for MVP. There's no one else I'd rather have bringing the ball up the court. I believe in Chris Paul.


SG Kobe Bryant—Los Angeles Lakers

Although Kobe doesn't play the best D or always pass the ball when he should, he is still the best shooting guard in the league, and arguably the best player in the league. 


SF Paul Pierce—Boston Celtics

This was a hard decision and I will probably be criticized for it, but LeBron just hasn't showed me the shut down D that Paul Pierce did in the finals. Also, Pierce isn't afraid to drive down the lane and muscle his way through, or pass the ball when there's a mismatch on the court. His defense will make up for the lack of defense on my dream team. 


PF Amare Stoudemire—Phoenix Suns

Probably one of the fastest guys at his position and in the NBA, Amare gets most of his points on the fast break because he's afraid of physical contact. However, his J is almost automatic and makes up for his complete lack of defense.


CENTER Dwight Howard—Orlando Magic

He's the best rebounder in the league already, and a tremendous shot blocker. He's limited to offensive scoring for his lack of moves, and still learning some defense. Nonetheless, Howard is one of the best centers in the league.


This team would be different than most championship caliber teams because it's mostly an offensive team, led by Kobe of course. The only name worth mentioning on the defensive side of the ball is Paul Pierce. But, when the opposing team misses Stoudemire or Howard are sure to grab the rebound.

This team would rely on the fast break with Kobe and Chris' speed, and put up a great game against any other five in the NBA.