Ready For Some NBA Action? Predictions and Stories for the Upcoming Season

Joe WillettSenior Writer IOctober 8, 2008

The preseason is here, finally.  It's almost time for the NBA, under a month to go.  So who is ready, because I sure am.

We are ready to see all the dunks and all the stories unfold.  So what are some of these great stories?

Greg Oden's Impact on the Portland Trailblazers

The Trailblazers are a team on the rise.  With their outstanding core of young players, they seem like they are on the verge of having a huge season.

Their fans know that they are primed for a playoff run and are ready to come out in full support.

As one writer for the Oregonian puts it, the Trailblazers are going to "sell out every home game" as their fans cheer this team to victory.  They have high expectations and want some success from this team that has such an esteemed history of losing.

Impact Rookies?

Greg Oden may be a rookie in his own right, there are some big rookies hoping to make big impacts on their teams.

The Memphis Grizzlies are hoping their core of Rudy Gay and rookie O.J Mayo can work together to make a lights out scoring tandem.

Derrick Rose was drafted with the number one overall pick in hopes that he can become like Steve Nash or Chris Paul and guide this team back to the promise-land where they haven't been since the Jodan Era.

Michael Beasley is the rookie expected to have the best opening season and the Heat are hoping he can mesh with Shawn Marion and Dwayne Wade to make a terrifying trio.

New Faces, New Places

This was a big offseason with a lot of players going across the country or just down a state.

One big move was Baron Davis moving from the Golden State Warriors down to the Los Angeles Clippers.  The move was thought to shoot the Clippers into a top tier Western Conference team, until this happened.

Elton Brand backed out of his promise to re-do his contract for less money to help create a better team around him.  He then took more money from the 76ers to move across the country and leave his Clippers team.

Josh Childress is moving to a place where we can no longer watch him play.  He chose to move overseas for a big time contract by a European team, which caused a big stir among NBA players and fans.

Pre-Season Award Predictions?

NBA MVP: Chris Paul- Paul is still on the rise in his career.  He will continue to make big highlites and making the team around him better.  He edges out Kobe Bryant.

Rookie of the Year: Michael Beasley- He is a high scorer who is going to also grab a lot of rebounds.  He will edge out O.J Mayo.

Coach of the Year: Maurice Cheeks- With his young roster helped by the addition of Elton Brand who should help vault this team higher.  He will edge out Nate McMillan.

I'm Joe W.

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