IPL 2011: Of Paul Valthaty, Preity Zinta and Professionalism

Linus FernandesAnalyst IIApril 15, 2011

Preity Zinta
Preity ZintaRitam Banerjee/Getty Images

Who is Paul Valthaty?

Who is this guy, who appears out of nowhere, and single-handedly takes the reigning IPL champions, the Chennai Super Kings, to the cleaners?

Sure, 188 ought to have been good enough—a match-winning total.

But no, Paul “Blazing” Valthaty had other ideas.

Like his Biblical predecessor, he rewarded the faith in him with an explosive knock under pressure.

An interesting, engrossing sideshow—in most  due to Paul’s pyrotechnics and the ebb and flow of the game—was the exuberance of co-owner Preity Zinta in the stands.

In an auburn churidaar-kurta (salwar-kameez) that flattered her no end, the bubbly actress was a cameraman’s delight.

Paul Valthaty hogged the attention in the middle. He made “Captain Cool” MS Dhoni appear a mere spectator on his day in the sun.

Preity Zinta, meanwhile, made the shutterbugs light up the atmosphere around her. She didn’t need flashes to lighten her mood.

Valthaty was doing that for her.

The IPL may be just a week old, but cricketing aficionados have already discovered a fresh hero.

This is the beauty of the IPL.

Despite the sleaze, ham-handedness of BCCI officials, the “will they be there or not” franchisees and the cruelty of auctions, the tournament manages to retain its charm mostly because of the opportunity afforded to little-known cricketers to make their mark and brush shoulders against the best in the business.

It is every cricketer’s dream to shine under the spotlight.

Parochialism and regionalism is relegated to the background. It’s performance that counts under a professional setup.

The BCCI certainly got one aspect right—one that warms the cockles of one’s heart.

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