ALCS and NLCS Preview: What Will and Won't Happen

Mike MartinCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2008

4. In Philadelphia

Won't Happen—Father time a.k.a. Jamie Moyer has been confounding hitters since sixth grade.  Ironically, he’s exhibited no increase in velocity since that time.  However, what year was he in sixth grade?  He says he's 45 years old, but do we really know that?  Like a Little League World Series youngster, he’ll be forced to provide a birth certificate that show's his TRUE age to actually be closer to his jersey number (pictured above).

Will Happen—Moyer was a huge part of Seattle's 116 wins in one season.  However, before he was able to compete in the postseason, he broke his kneecap.  The Mariners crashed out of the playoffs.  Jamie’s hunger and leadership will help the Phillies’ pitching staff keep level heads and lead them to the World Series.


3.  In Los Angles

Won't Happen—Manny reveals why he doesn't hustle:  Diving into third, as he's stretching a double into a triple, his dreads, that would make both Millie and Vanillie jealous, pop off along with his batting helmet, revealing male-pattern baldness atop his noggin.

Will Happen—Charlie Manuel, Manny's former manager, knows how to handle him, how to rattle him, how to render him ineffective.  Philly pitchers will jam, brush back, and basically keep Manny off balance.  He batted in the low-200's against the Phillies this summer. 


2.  In Tampa

Won't Happen—The ever-hot Eva Longoria makes it into the Rays' locker room as they clinch a World Series berth.  During the crazy celebration, she's soaked with ice-cold champagne.  Her white shirt reveals who truly has the best assets in the family.

Will Happen—Rookie Evan Longoria’s regular season production mirrors Chipper Jones’ rookie year.  He came up big in the first game against Chicago by going deep twice.  After going 3-for-3 in the first game, he went 1-for-12 with six strikeouts.  Boston will shut down Longoria and shut up the Rays. 


1. In Boston

Won't Happen:  Facing elimination, with the bases loaded, Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield is summoned from the bullpen to face Evan Longoria.  Knowing that inside the Tropicana Dome his knuckleball would just be a crappy off-speed pitch, Wakefield throws three straight 99 mph fastballs and shuts down Longoria. 

Will Happen:  Boston advances to the World Series.