Will NFL Lockout Lockdown Titletown?

Troy SparksColumnistApril 15, 2011

Around this time there's usually excitement in the air in Green Bay.

At this moment, there's nothing to cheer about.

The NFL lockout is impacting a small city like Green Bay so much that some of the residents around there are having withdrawal symptoms from the players who are not allowed to work out at the Lambeau Field facility.

In 31 other NFL cities, the impact may not matter because those teams are owned by either one person or a small group of people.  The Packers, who are publicly owned, have hundreds of thousands of shareholders wondering if there will be a regular season.

As far as we know, all the teams are scheduled to play in the preseason.  That would depend on when the labor dispute is resolved.

Meanwhile, the draft will go on as scheduled.

If the labor situation isn't over, it is believed that Lambeau Field will be open for business the last weekend of April for the three-day draft only.

Since football operations are dormant for the time being, where will the fans get their football fix?

They do have an arena football team in Green Bay, but people want to see some NFL action.

No action on the field in Green Bay could turn Titletown into a ghost town.

At least Packer fans can hang onto memories from the team's Super Bowl win.  The Lambeau Trophy is resting at 1265 Lambeau Av. in a dark hallway.  It is waiting for someone to open the door and turn the lights back on.

But that probably won't happen until the lockout is over.

And then we will see which team has the guts to take the trophy away from the Packers.