One good thing from Chiefs loss to Panthers

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2008

If you watched the “game” on Sunday you already know that not much good came out of the Chiefs 34-0 loss to the Carolina Panthers. One that thing that was good for the future of the team was the QB play.

I can hear you already “hhhWHHAAAT?!!?” and  “he said WHAT?” and yes that’s right, I said it. By having Damon Huard play so bad that they had to put in Thigpen for relief was a good thing for the future of the Chiefs. If Damon Huard would have went out and played a great game (win or lose) there would have been a QB controversy. Herm (and Carl) would have been in a tough spot, they would have been asking themselves this question:

Do we want to try to win now in what appears to be a wide open AFC West or give Croyle one lost shot and see if he can stay healthy and be our future QB?

While the Chiefs seem committed to this youth movement we all know that in Carl Peterson’s history he has always tried to win now. How do we know that he wouldn’t try to pull this again in one last “last ditch” effort to regain some respect (what little he has left).

So I would just like to say “Thank You” to Damon Huard for sucking it up last Sunday and allowing the Chiefs to move on. At least now when if Croyle gets hurt the Chiefs can finally move on and try something different.

I don’t mean to hate on Croyle, in fact I like what he brings to the table, but you can’t help a team win from the sidelines and the thing that the Chiefs need more than anything else if they want to buid a team that can contend is solid, consistant play from the quarterback position. A good OL wouldn’t hurt either…

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One good thing from Chiefs loss to Panthers