How To Tell if Someone Is a Big Sports Fan

ThomasSenior Writer IOctober 8, 2008

Ever wonder if your neighbors or people you know are big sports fans, just like you? Well, it's very easy to tell. Here are some clues that can give it away.

1. They plan to have this on their tombstone:

"Here lie the bones of Mike Jones -

His life knew no terrors.

Born a young Yankee, died an old Yankee -

No runs, no hits, no errors."

2. They're willing to pimp out a relative for a ticket.

3. Their closet seems to be full of jerseys and other clothes bearing the team logo.

4. Their bedroom (or some other room) has a Fathead on the wall.

5. They brand their steaks and burgers with their favorite team logo.


6. They're willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a lifetime seat at the stadium.

7. They have every issue of Madden NFL (or other sport game).


8. They put down "NFL" (or some other sport) as their religion on a questionnaire or survey.


9. Their child is named after a famous athlete (ex. Michael Jordan Smith).

10. They can recite useless stats without thinking and spends hours on sports websites like the Bleacher Report.

11. They request to be buried in the stadium or at the team's cemetary (most famous cemetary is the Boca Juniors cemetary).

12. They have a tattoo of their favorite player or team.