Plaxico Burress Is Fine with It?

Justin ZuckerCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2008

Plaxico Burress is “fine with it.” That’s fabulous! I am sure everyone can sleep now.


You are fine with it? You are fine with being suspended by your team? You are fine with hanging your teammates out to dry? You are fine with disappearing as your teammates prepare for a game?


Plaxico was suspended because he didn’t show up to work. He didn’t call anyone to tell them he wasn’t going to be there. Why? Apparently he had to take his kid to school. 


What? I am a working father with two children. My wife and I shuffle two kids off every morning and then go to work. It takes me 10 minutes to drop my kid at the bus stop or take him to school. And if I hit traffic during my commute, I use my cell phone to call the office.


Can any of you imagine just not calling into work? Just not showing up? Wow, and I thought our politicians were out of touch. Charles Barkley was right; athletes should not be role models. This man makes more money and has more available resources than most of us will ever have or know. That was his excuse? 


You are what you are. That phrase is uttered often. Plaxico Burress has been this since he entered the NFL. He has been arrested. He has been fined. He has been suspended. And this has all happened on more than one occasion.


Plaxico Burress spent five years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. They were mostly productive years, but he always teetered on the brink of potential and distraction. He and Hines Ward were seen as perfect complements to each others game.


He had an amazing relationship with Ben Roethlisberger. In fact, Ben lobbied long and hard for Pittsburgh to re-sign him when he became a free agent. 


Plaxico’s last game with the Steelers was a playoff loss to the Patriots. It was a game in which he dropped a few balls, including one in the end zone, which would have changed the game.


After the game, he complained about not getting enough touches. He needed to leave the Steelers because he would never become the player that he thought he could be. Thankfully, the Steelers agreed with him. They offered him good luck, and quietly said good riddance.


He was so sought after in the free-agent market that he had one offer. The Giants were the only team that knocked on his door. And when he said he didn’t like the offer, they pulled it off the table. Plaxico was nice enough to come crawling back and ultimately got his contract. 


Tom Coughlin is a lot of things. One thing he is not is a push over. It is my humble opinion that both Tiki Barber and Michael Strahan retired because of him. These are two very selfish and egotistical, albeit highly successful, players, who complained that Coach was too tough on them. They even filed a grievance with the players association that practices were too difficult and long.


This type of behavior can’t, and won’t, last under Tom Coughlin. Typically, in today’s society, the player wins these types of battles. However, Tom Coughlin has won a Super Bowl. The Giants have bought into him and his philosophy. Nobody missed Plaxico against Seattle. Yes, it was Seattle, but this team finally believes that the sum is bigger than its parts. This could very well be Plaxico’s last season with the Giants.


Remember this quote, “I am fine with it.”  From the looks of it, his team is also fine with it.