C'mon HHH...Again? Really?

Shaun McGannContributor IOctober 8, 2008

In the interest of full disclosure let me start by copping to a few quick things: 1. These days I'm more of a casual wrestling fan, I will watch RAW every once in a while, sometimes ECW, and if I'm home I may throw on Smackdown on a Friday night, but by no means do I feel like the world is ending should I miss any of these shows.

2. All of the PPV's I've seen in the last few years have been courtesy of the great Shaun Horgan, my personal bottomless pit of wrestling information.

3. I am probably a mark for Chris Jericho and the Undertaker, I'm not real crazy about Cena, but he has his moments, I think Batista is kind of boring, and I'm slowly becoming a fan of Randy Orton. Other than that I may lean towards rooting for either of the Hardys, Edge, and for some strange reason, MVP. The rest of the rosters I tend to go on a match by match basis.

Having said all that there is the notable exception of Triple H (who for brevity's sake will be HHH from here on in). I used to root for HHH in the late '90s after he inherited DX from Shawn Michaels and it appeared that he would never beat the Rock for the title. He was kind of an underdog who cut funny promos.

And occasionally he still does cut a funny promo, but then he gets into his serious, wrinkled brow growl letting throwing around words like "respect" and talking about "the business" and he kind of loses me.

However, I still find him entertaining for the most part, and I'm certainly not one of those people who rant on about how he is in Vince's ear and making sure the belt stays around his waist, keeping the young guys down etc. All of which may be true, but I usually don't care.

But sitting there, in Shaun Horgan's living room on Sunday night, swatting away his dog who was nibbling at my pizza, and creeping out his young daughter as I yelled at the television, I finally may have turned on HHH.

Why in the name of Terry Bollea would you have what was probably your best match of the last year with Jeff Hardy, absorb TWO of his finishers, and then no-sell him with a lame roll up? Does he need the belt that bad? Poor ol' Jeff Hardy gets the push he's deserved for years, narrowly avoids screwing it up a few weeks earlier, puts on a great match, hits both finishers and then has to count lights without even getting hit with a move.

Perhaps if we take a poll, on WWE.com, and just have everyone admit that HHH is the best champ ever, they can finally make him drop the belt. I understand they wanted to start a feud with Kozloff, the ol' USA vs. Russia angle, but then why not do that before Hardy?

Of course this is all leading up to HHH vs. Edge, but you have to think that a Hardy vs. Edge match with the two of them as main-eventers and the title involved has to be on the WWE's radar for the near future. 

Jeff's unfortunate fate really had a two pronged effect for me in the PPV overall: it made forget about the lame Batista/JBL match, the fact that the camera mysteriously switched to an obstructed shot when Rey jumped into Kane's chair shot, and the awkwardness of Cody Rhodes getting tripped up by the crowd and slamming on the brakes of what could have been an interesting segment.

On the other hand it started a long rant between me and Mr. Horgan that resulted in me not paying attention to the ladder match, my main motivation for watching in the first place.

Thankfully, I regrouped and watched Jericho and Michaels throw everything at each other while HHH teased what will probably be an incredibly exciting feud with Kozloff. I probably won't feel too bad if I miss Smackdown again this week.