NFL: End of Season Awards

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJanuary 15, 2008

With the NFL’s regular season at an end, now would be a good time to reflect on what has been an astonishing season to say the least.

With that said, here are my personal awards for the players of the NFL’s 2007 season.

Feel free to argue any of my choices.


1)     MVP: Tom Brady

I don’t particular like the guy, but you can’t argue with his production. With a record 50 touchdown passes, an incredible completion percentage, and an undefeated record, it would be very hard to argue with this choice.

2) Offensive Player: Randy Moss

While Tom Brady won this award in reality, I feel that Randy Moss is the more worthy candidate. With Brady’s season- long excellence already acknowledged through his MVP selection, I feel that Moss deserves to be recognized for one of the most prolific seasons ever to be held by a wide receiver. With a record 23 touchdown receptions, I give the offensive player of the year award to Moss.

3) Defensive Player: Bob Sanders

 Sanders is an incredible talent, capable of having an impact in countless ways. Even though he is only about 5’8, the omnipresence of Sanders’ game is undeniable. Therefore, I chose to give this award to him.

4) Special Teams Player: Devin Hester

Hester did it again. For most of the season, opposing coaches opted not to kick to Devin Hester. When they did, they paid. With several more touchdown returns this season, Devin Hester is establishing himself as one of the best return specialists of all time.

5) Offensive Rookie: Adrian Peterson

I don’t think anyone will question this one. While I gave some consideration to Joe Thomas, the left tackle of the Cleveland Browns for this award, it is impossible to deny the impact that Adrian Peterson had as a rookie. In his first year as an NFL player, Adrian Peterson established himself as one of the premier running backs in the entire league. You cannot deny him the rookie of the year award.
6) Defensive Rookie: Patrick Willis

Willis is a tackling machine. Becoming an All-Pro player in his rookie year, Willis has consistently been a dominating defensive player. This award was easily his.

7) Special Teams Rookie: Mason Crosby

 Not a real award, but I don’t care. After leading the league in kicking in most categories, I had to give Crosby something. He’s an amazing talent, and scariest of all, he’s only getting better.

8) Top QB: Tom Brady

50 touchdown passes. Enough said.
9) Top RB: LaDainian Tomlinson

With another amazing season, he’s on his way to becoming the greatest running back of all time.

10) Top WR: Randy Moss

With a record- setting 23 touchdown catches, it was an easy choice.

11) Top FB: Leonard Weaver

He didn’t even make the pro bowl, but I see him as the best player at this dying position.
12) Top TE: Antonio Gates

This wasn’t as easy of a choice as I would have thought, but I still feel Gates had the best all- around season.

13) Top OT: Joe Thomas

With his help, the Browns only allowed 19 sacks all season. Its scary how good he could become.

14) Top G: Steve Hutchinson

His solid blocking helped create one of the greatest rushing attacks in the NFL.

15) Top C: Dan Koppen

He did an amazing job of protecting Brady all year.

16) Top DT: Albert Haynesworth

He absolutely dominated at the line all season.

17) Top DE: Patrick Kearney

He led the league and sacks and made an impact all season long.

18) Top MLB: Patrick Willis

He may be a rookie, but he plays like a monster.

19) Top OLB: Shawn Merriman

He’s extremely dangerous at all times.

20) Top Safety: Bob Sanders

Right now, he’s the best overall defender in the game.

21) Top CB: Antonio Cromartie

The athletic CB had a breakout season.
22) Top K: Mason Crosby

He was absolutely amazing as a rookie.

23) Top P: Jeff Feagles

He’s still the best out there at pinning the ball inside the 20.

24) Top Returner: Devin Hester

I dare you to argue with this choice.
25) Biggest Surprise: Derek Anderson

He started the season as a 3rd string QB, but he emerged as a star.
26) Biggest Disappointment: Michael Vick

He was supposed to have a breakout year with Bobby Petrino as his new coach, but both turned out to be embarrassments.

27) Coach of the Year: Romeo Cremmel

He turned what looked like one of the worst teams in the NFL into a playoff contender. He deserves all the credit in the world.

28) Biggest Coaching Failure: Bobby Petrino

He doesn’t deserve to even be associated with the NFL. After leading his team to a horrific start, he bailed on his team mid-season.

29) Unsung Hero: Fred Jones

Its about time he makes it to a Pro Bowl. He’s been a great player for a long time, even though he is rarely given the credit he deserves.

30) Editor’s Choice: Brandon Jacobs

This award goes to the player who I feel is most worthy of recognition, but failed to appear in any preceding awards. As a 264 pound running back, Jacobs has brought a dimension to the Giants’ running game that has never quite been done before. However, he proved to be more than just a power back, rushing for an average of 5 yards per carry. If he can stay healthy in the future, I think we’ll be seeing him in a Pro Bowl soon enough.


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