WWE's John Cena: Top 5 Ways He'll Turn from Beloved Hero to Hated Villain

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIApril 13, 2011

WWE's John Cena: Top 5 Ways He'll Turn from Beloved Hero to Hated Villain

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    Now I think this may be one of the more asked questions I've ever received. I get asked questions all the time, a lot of the time it's trivial, and sometimes it's about big events or news in the world of wrestling. But one question asked above all others is, when will John Cena turn heel?

    It's a bit tough to think that Cena will ever turn from such an over baby face to a hated heel. WWE right now, already has a lot of heels they are either bringing up or have already been. People such as CM Punk, The Miz, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, etc. are all young stars in WWE of which the company is trying to build around.

    With the departure of Edge recently, another big face in WWE of which goes very well from hated villain to beloved hero, it's makes it even harder for there to be a shake up in the company.

    We also have the fact that Chris Jericho will also be back sooner or later, and other names will keep coming up from developmental. No matter how much fans want it, a John Cena heel turn is highly unlikely unless done right and at the right time.

    How can this happen?

    Well, here are the top five ways that John Cena could go heel...

No. 5 John Cena Joins the Nexus

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    Probably the one most wouldn't see coming would be John Cena joining either The Nexus or The Core. Being that he is a RAW guy, it is unlikely he'd be a Core member, so, the Nexus is the easy choice here.

    Cena has always fought against The Nexus since they arrived, he even took out a few of it's members, but that was under different management, now CM Punk runs the show. Punk and Cena had a few issues in the past while Punk was with Nexus, but nothing too major enough that it couldn't be patched up.

    Also, it's highly possible that since we're in future talks here, Nexus could be gone and Cena could bring it back to serve his purposes.

    Say Cena kept losing title matches, and got tired of fans always hating on him. He could easily lose it and want things to go his way, and what better way than having a faction help you do that?

No. 4 John Cena Takes out a Beloved Legend

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    John Cena has always been a great person with all guests in WWE. He is even more so a big believer in respecting past performers and legends in the business. We have seen him show his respect on TV either in the ring or backstage, always doing what he could to past respect.

    But what if Cena decided he didn't want to do that anymore?

    Say a beloved name in WWE came by, one of older age. Say he took that person out of commission live on TV?

    Do you think fans would be behind a guy who took out a beloved legend in the business? I'd want him to give an attitude adjustment to Mae Young personally.

No. 3 John Cena Goes Against the US Armed Forces

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    One of the biggest things people respect about Cena is that he pays respect to the USA Armed Forces any time he possibly can. He has been on every Tribute to the Troops show since it started and is always seeing service members across the world.

    But, does anyone remember a certain WWE Hall of Famer called Sgt. Slaughter? He was a big military man, all for the US Army. But one day, he pulls a 180 and is suddenly for Iraq! He was a big hero in the eyes of people everywhere, but it was considered one of the best heel turns in WWE and wrestling history.

    Slaughter was so hated, he couldn't go anywhere without a bulletproof vest and WWE security. Slaughter wasn't a heel for a long period of time, mainly due to the death threats he attained. But, he was considered such an over heel at that time, it was crazy!

    WWE could do the same with Cena, where he joined an alliance of non-Americans and talked smack about America and the US armed forces. With the amount of love Americans have for our service members, Cena would gain instance heel heat for that gimmick.

    While Slaughter had a gimmick that worked better for that role, Cena, because of his very well known history with the armed forces, would do well with it too.

No. 2 John Cena Goes Hollywood

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    Like The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold and others before him, John Cena has appeared in numerous movies and television shows. Hogan was one of the first to ever go Hollywood and make it a believable career for a retired wrestler, while The Rock made it possible for people to take wrestlers, mainly WWE superstars are serious threats in Hollywood as leading men.

    Hogan did so many movies, he attained the name "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, which was mostly used during his heel run in WCW. The Rock also turned heel in his return to WWE after starring in numerous films. The Rock got so busy, he basically had no time to work with WWE.

    When he came back, instantly fans were starting to dislike him for going, and he started getting heat for going Hollywood on the fans.

    Cena, while he was not the actor The Rock was when he started to get hot in Hollywood, could easily do the same thing to get heat.

    Back when Rocky started doing movies, he had to work with Hollywood's time and movies had to be offered to him for him to take. Nowadays, WWE has WWE Films.

    Cena has starred in the biggest hits WWE Films has had such as The Marine, 12 Rounds and Legendary.

    The Marine was when he was the hottest wrestler in WWE, and it sold very well because of both his fans in WWE, and ones he gained through other pop culture appeal.

    12 Rounds didn't do nearly as well as The Marine did box office wise, but it was considered better than other films WWE put out. Then we get to Legendary, considered the best movie WWE Films has made thus far.

    It was Cena's third film, and it showed his growth in the acting scene. Remember, the Marine and 12 Rounds were his first acting roles, so his acing, while not wonderful, was not expected to be Thespian like.

    Legendary showed he could go in Hollywood when called upon.

    Because WWE has WWE Films, what if WWE wanted to do something similar with what happened with The Rock? What if they got Cena so busy on WWE Films projects that he doesn't have time to be on the road every week to wrestle?

    Even his true fans would start to dislike this, and make it easy for WWE to turn him heel.

No. 1 John Cena Fueds with the Rock

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    Now on to the most popular one, and easily the one WWE would use if they truly wanted a Cena heel turn.

    Obviously The Rock is a massive name in WWE history, his recent return made fans come back just to watch him. He has so much popularity both in and out of the ring, it's crazy.

    This makes most fans go on his side. WWE crowds are already weird with Cena, it's half boos and half cheers. Those who cheer for The Rock seem to be endless, there is hardly ever a boo. So, why would we hear one for him during the Road to Wrestlemania in 2012?

    John Cena will get booed at Wrestlemania easily, we all know this. It'll be like it was when The Rock faced Hulk Hogan, Hogan got the cheers while The Rock got booed.

    It's pretty easy to tell, the WWE won't have Rocky go over on Cena at Mania unless the fans really want it. And lets face it, would all fans want this if Cena isn't a heel and hated by all of the WWE Universe?

    No one knows if Rock is coming back to wrestle a full time schedule before he faces Cena, and if he doesn't, why would Rocky, a guy who has been out of the ring for a long period of time, suddenly be able to go over on Cena?

    It would kill Cena's cred as WWE's top guy if they did this. So, Cena would have to be a heel going into the match, otherwise the match ending wouldn't make sense.

    And, even if Cena goes out and wins the match, he will be hated for beating The Rock anyway! So, it's obvious to most that Cena entering Wrestlemania will be a heel.

    The question is, will WWE use any of the other ideas to heel him up before The Road to Wrestlemania begins? I guess we'll have to see.

Special Words from Joe Burgett

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    I hope you enjoyed the slide show on the top five ways I believe John Cena will go heel. Any ideas of your own on how it could happen? Leave a comment below telling me how.

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