WWE Changes: Five Firings Vince McMahon Should Make Immediately

JW NixSenior Writer IIApril 13, 2011

WWE Changes: Five Firings Vince McMahon Should Make Immediately

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    The WWE Universe sure has been spinning on a different axis lately.

    First we get the Rock to return just long enough to say he will be back in a year, then the WWE Hall of Fame inducts a guy who never held a belt of any kind for them and a diva who didn't even work three years with them, while again ignoring such legends like Lance Russell, the tag team Demolition, (which holds the records for both the single longest tag title reign and the most combined days as reigning champions), The Great Muta and many more worthy people.

    Then, future Hall of Famer Edge suddenly bows out at the right time, leaving a vacancy at the top of SmackDown.

    Yet more moves to improve the product could be made. Vince McMahon has had a low profile the past few years, fueling speculation that his son-in-law Triple H is set to take over as the on-air boss.

    This could help the product, because Triple H is a Hall of Famer who commands a lot of respect in the WWE locker room.

    Here are a few moves, to agree or disagree with, that could improve the WWE.

Get Rid of Michael Cole

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    If this dullard wasn't annoying enough before he started to interject his opinions or become a cheerleader, Cole has gotten beyond the term "sniveling idiot" over the past few months.

    It isn't his habit of insulting people's mothers that sucks as much as his announcing style.

    The guy knows nothing about wrestling and it is amazing he has lasted this long.

    Now that Good Ol' J.R. has cut back his duties, Cole gets exposed more each time he goes on the air.

    Now he is wearing tights and wrestling Jerry Lawler.

    Joey Styles is probably the best announcer the WWE has, but he seems content as the Director of Digital Media Content.

    Vince needs to get an upgrade at the announcing table immediately and let Cole go back to being a beat reporter for radio stations.

    And he can take the ridiculous "Anonymous RAW General Manager" idea with him.

Lose Fruity Pebbles

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    LONG POND, PA - JUNE 06:  WWE champion and co-grand marshal John Cena (L) and Denny Hamlin, driver of the #11 FedEx Freight Toyota, talk in Victory Lane prior to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Gillette Fusion ProGlide 500 at Pocono Raceway on June 6, 2010 i
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    All Vince has to do is listen to the arenas each time John Cena shows his face. The boos are increasing and getting louder.

    It seems the fake Eminem act has worn thin.

    While the guy does the same three wrestling moves every match, which is his full repertoire apparently, no one works harder for the company.

    Turning him into a heel may not be best, but don't give this guy another title until at least 2013.

    Pushing better wrestling talents like Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio and others is better than recycling Cena and Randy Orton every few weeks.

Shed the Hardcore Gimmick

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    The next WWE pay-per-view will be hardcore wrestling, which is an utter joke. The WWE being hardcore is as feasible as saying Lady Gaga is a rock-and-roll pioneer.

    It is difficult to claim to be hardcore if no one ever executes simple moves like the pile driver, brain buster or Death Valley Driver.

    Moves that were once staples of wrestling long stopped being used by the WWE decades ago.

    Other than maybe the Undertaker, who we probably will not see until the next WrestleMania, there is no one on the WWE roster who could pull off a hardcore match.

    Keep it real Vince: Don't pull off PPVs you know you can't properly deliver.

    All it screams to me is that Vince regrets killing off Extreme Championship Wrestling in 2001 and realizes legions of fans miss it too.

Fade the Factions

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    First we saw a group called "The Nexus," a group of guys where only two could actually wrestle a little bit.

    They pushed this dead horse, and the cart too, beyond oblivion. An old gang mentality bit done poorly because most of the talent had little talent.

    Then they broke it up into two small groups called "The New Nexus" and the "Corre." Same premise, same dearth in talent.

    Yes, they are trying to push Wade Barrett, but the guy is just boring and extremely limited. Justin Gabriel seems to be the most talented from these groups, but he has been mostly relegated to delivering a 450 splash.

    Much like old factions like the Spirit Squad, Mean Street Posse and others of that ilk, it is time to disband these bores and see what they can do on their own.

    They all will probably be off the WWE roster before the end of the year.

Get New Writers

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    The WWE supposedly pays a steep price for their current writers, but all I see is recycled bits that have lasted the test of time for decades.

    A few new and interesting stories would help, instead of being able to see the next move three minutes before it happens.

    How many times have you watched a bit and correctly predicted the outcome even if the bit had just started? That is a result of bad writing.

    Getting a few creative minds like Paul Heyman or Jim Cornette would help.

    Cornette used to argue with ex-head writer Vince Russo over content, thus improving the brand.

    The WWE tried to get Heyman to return in 2006, but he refused and has been blogging since. His clashes with Vince McMahon were boisterous, tinged with anger on how McMahon handled ECW after buying into it in the late 1990s.

    Old-school talent who know the business is what the WWE needs now, because nothing fresh has been created in quite a while.