Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson at 220? Fedor Should Suck It Up, Make 205

Darren WongSenior Analyst IApril 13, 2011

MMAFighting.com has reported recently that Strikeforce is considering a bout between Fedor Emelianenko and Dan Henderson. The twist is that the fight may take place at a catchweight of 220 pounds.

While the fight itself is an intriguing one, the proposed weight makes very little sense.

Dan Henderson isn't a heavyweight.

In fact, Henderson isn't even a particularly large light-heavyweight. He reportedly barely even needs to cut weight to make the 205-pound limit. How does he possibly benefit by going up even a pound over 205?

Meanwhile, Fedor would have to do almost no work at all to make the 220-pound catchweight. An average person can fluctuate five or six pounds in a day. Fedor usually weighs about 230 pounds.

Getting down to 220 would basically mean cutting out ice cream for a couple of weeks and spending 30 minutes in the sauna before the weigh-ins.

Fedor is fat at 230 pounds. He could easily make 205 if he put forth a real effort. Forrest Griffin cuts down to 205 from nearly 245 pounds.

Quinton Jackson cuts down to 205 from over 250 pounds. Anderson Silva cuts down from 230 pounds all the way to middleweight.

Surely, if these other fighters can cut 40 pounds, an overweight Fedor Emelianenko could cut 25 by mid-summer with little trouble at all.

The benefits of Emelianenko making it all the way down to 205 pounds far outweigh any possible drawbacks.

Emelianenko could in fact gain because he could fight for the Strikeforce title currently held by Dan Henderson.

Henderson would also benefit by not being at quite as much of a weight disadvantage.

Everybody who wants to see how Fedor would do as a light heavyweight could finally get some answers, too.

However, instead, it appears more likely that the fight will happen at 220 pounds.

At this weight, Fedor will still be fat, Henderson will be heavily outweighed and there will be no clear future going forward.

It doesn't make sense.

On the other hand, Emelianenko doesn't need to go down to light heavyweight. He's only lost there twice and I'd favor him over Werdum in a rematch.

If he's going to flirt with dropping a weight class, he needs to suck it up and go for it for real, not with some useless cut to 220.