Reports From the Front Lines

The Rock NDNation.comSenior Analyst IOctober 6, 2008
All in all, posters are reporting a marked change in atmosphere inside the stadium and many noted that you could hear the results through the television in a crowd that was much more connected to the game and [gasp] having fun. Positive changes are happening.

The excise police "forced Breathalyzer" seems to be the main complaint. If you have a problem with unfair police or usher tactics, please send them to: They're going to be taking affidavits, collecting stories and posting video and pictures of reported abuse on their website. Remember to bring your camera to games to document any incidents and note the section number take a moment to get the usher's name. They also have a team of lawyers to advise you.

Here are the reports from the front lines.
  • We were tailgating in the Stadium Lot about 30 yards from Legends. The family across the aisle from us had one of those large tent-like things set up with some chairs, a picnic table, grill and other tailgating items. Around noon or so, they are simply enjoying the weather and good company when a girl, age 20, was approached by 5 law enforcement types. Two cops, two NDSP folks and one other person whose affiliation I couldn't really determine. They asked the girl what she was drinking (rum and coke), how old she was (20) and if they could see her ID. When she couldn't produce her ID, they went into full gestapo mode. Breathalyzer, intense questioning, etc. all as this girl stood there in hysterics trying to understand why she was being singled out. For the better part of and hour this girl and her parents pleaded with the police and kept repeating one line which struck me, "This is not right."
  • These folks were minding their own business on a pretty tame morning as far as tailgating goes and were completely shook down by the cops and NDSP. On top of all that, they had a WNDU guy following them around for a story about the crackdown on underage drinking.
    The only silver lining I took from this whole incident was that several people were taking pictures and video of the incident on their cameras and phones. The whole scene was just disgusting. If you're one of those guys who were asking the names of the officers and taking pictures, thank you and keep fighting the good fight.
  • I knew of someone that refused the breathalyzer this weekend. He got out of jail at around 1 or 2 this afternoon. They used a number of tactics, including strapping him down in a chair and putting him in a separate cell, just to get him to breathalyze. He never did and they kept him for as long as they could. He spent almost 24 hours and jail and was still charged with PI. I know what the consensus on here was regarding blowing or not, but it seems like they are intimidating people into breathalizing.
  • I see a Title 42 USC 1983 action developing.
  • Two ushers watched a kid doing pushups behind me in 25. It happened multiple times. Neither said a word.
  • Does anyone know why the girl in the green jersey with brown vest over it was getting ejected from the game? I was on my way back down to the field as the ushers were escorting her out, and she didn't seem intoxicated, plus there had been no big plays in the past few minutes. Was this a legitimate heave-ho, or more abuse of power?
  • I videotaped an ejection yesterday. I'll post it later with my thoughts.
  • There was definitely a different feeling about the ushers... From what I heard, there were almost no incidents with ushers on Saturday, either in the student section or elsewhere. One student I spoke with simply complained that they were being strict about students attempting to move between sections, but that's hardly something worth complaining about. If the University has advised Cappy and his bunch to modify their directives, I think some kudos are warranted. It'll be a gradual process, but it appears as though the initial steps have been taken towards taking back our University.
  • As a sophomore in the band, I have now seen ten away teams walk up the tunnel and into their locker room prior to the band's pregame show. Stanford's team is not only the first team that has acknowledged the presence of the band lining their path to the locker room, but also the first to trash talk us. One guy, a DT named James McGillicuddy, pranced around and loudly repeated the phrase to several teammates, "This one time at band camp!" Doug Baldwin, the receiver that put up the last touchdown for Stanford, strutted by us shortly after we finished playing the victory march, yelling, "PLAY ANOTHER SONG!" Others acted in similar manner. I can only imagine how intimidating our team must have been to make them scurry into the tunnel and take it out on us. I laughed pretty hard after they had sifted through, and felt that much more confident about the game. Also I looked for McGillicuddy on the field after the game to get a word with him, but I think he must have been one of the first into the tunnel.
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