WWE Raw: Apple Power, Corre United, Sin Cara and Possible Face Turns

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 12, 2011

Welcome fellow Bleachers to my new article where I’ll be discussing a few things from Raw.

The first thing I’m going to talk about is APPLE, the hilariously mismatched group put together by Santino Marella to combat The Corre.

Now APPLE stands for Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything that you stand for. Yes, I know. It sounds completely ridiculous but it’s the kind of stuff we are accustomed to when it comes to Santino.

The moment I laughed at in particular was when he added in the “that you stand for.”

The team consisted of Santino, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Evan Bourne, people who have never been together in a team as far as I know.

I’m a big fan of Santino so it’s always a pleasure whenever he is on television, no matter what he’s doing. He makes me laugh with his promos and wrestling every single time. If they ever release a DVD about him I will be first in line to buy it.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the team will stick together for long, especially after a loss in their first match together.

Now we come to the winners of the match with APPLE: The Corre.

Corre were in the ring and appeared to have some problems as Wade Barrett was disenchanted with how his team has been performing recently.

He stated that he was the only one with talent in the group, which led to confrontations with all members.

With Barrett being the new Intercontinental Champion and not having had a chance to show himself in singles competition without having a group behind him, now would be the perfect time for the group to break up.

Whilst the group did win the match against APPLE, there was still obviously tension in the group.

Wade Barrett is undoubtedly a talented superstar with exceptional mic skills and breaking away from the group would benefit him in a lot of ways.

Without the group behind him he would have to start winning matches on his own, and this would help with his credibility.

Having made a massive impact last year and failing to win the WWE Championship, his push has stalled. Him winning the IC title, I believe, is the re-ignition of his push.

Here’s hoping for bigger things to come for Wade Barrett.

Thirdly, I’ll talk about Sin Cara. I’ve made no secret that I’m a fan of his and even wrote two articles previously about him. One about possible feuds and one about his long awaited debut.

Raw was a debut of another kind for the masked man, his debut in an actual match.

It wasn’t against an opponent of high calibre but for now it will have to do. Primo was his latest victim.

While Cara showed some good offense with a variety of moves that made you go “ooooh,” there were a few botches.

The first botch was his entrance, not quite as bad as last week's debut but enough to notice. The second botch came from Primo, rather than Cara.

While Cara was setting up for his finishing move on the top rope, Primo slipped, which caused Cara to fall to the outside of the ring. Luckily he had a soft landing and didn’t get hurt.

He then repeated his enziguri and proceeded to do his finishing move.

In a spectacular display of athleticism from both men Cara flipped backwards with Primo to land him on his back for the finish.

It is a move previously done by John Morrison but from a standing position in the ring, rather than from the top rope.

I couldn’t have been more impressed with his match debut and just wish the match went on a little longer.

Sin Cara was very impressive with his move set and the two moves that impressed me to no end were his finishing move and the reverse power bomb into a pin. I hope he uses these moves again in the future, and I’m sure I will be impressed every time I see them.

He had an excellent crowd reaction for a WWE newcomer and they were firmly behind him every step of the way, even chanting his name at one point.

I look forward to seeing him more, and the sooner his next match comes the better.

Now on to the last part of my title.

Judging from the confrontation among Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett, could we be seeing a face turn for two of these men in the near future?

With Barrett playing the heel perfectly and most likely doing so for some time to come, could Slater and Gabriel turn face as a result?

While Slater plays a good heel I believe he could also be a very effective face. Especially when we consider that Gabriel looking like a natural face, then the face turn for both seems the more plausible if The Corre breaks up due to bad blood.

Another gentleman I could see a face turn from soon is The All American American Jack Swagger.

With his cocky attitude he is a perfect heel and a face turn seems unlikely, but from the way Raw shaped up, it is possible.

Now it is highly likely that everyone hates Michael Cole and the way he behaves, even though he is just playing a character. But with the events of Raw he looks to be getting his comeuppance.

Unhappy with Swagger losing to Jerry "The King" Lawler, Cole berated and even went as far as to slap Swagger.

I thought, and hoped, Swagger would give him what for and lay him down right then and there. But alas, he didn’t.

Now being paired in a tag team at Extreme Rules, Swagger will probably leave Cole to get a deserved beat down in the ring.

Will Swagger even go as far as to attacking Cole in the process? If so, will they keep him heel or turn him face as a result?

If he does attack Cole then he will surely have the full backing of the entire WWE Universe, who will burst into rambunctious cheer. Attacking Cole would be the perfect way to give a stale character a fresh start and get him over with the fans straight away.

That’s all for now, and I hope this wasn’t too long of a read for all of you.

If you did manage to read this far then I hope you enjoyed reading what I had to say.


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