The Masters and the World's Top 12 Events in Sports

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The Masters and the World's Top 12 Events in Sports
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Sports are one of the world’s few shared passions.  Just like anything else the world’s nations share with each other, sports can involve money, diplomacy, egos and detestation for opponents involved on either side.

The events that serve as a canvas for these feelings have become intensely-focused meeting places for competition.  The media has blown up into a multi-billion dollar operation that covers everything from athletes’ marital problems to their postgame press conferences.

We, as fans, are the investors that fuel this machine.  We spend our hard-earned money on things like memorabilia, tickets, cable packages, contributions, concessions and anything else offered to us in order to show our support and loyalty.  We have made sporting events what they’ve become—a true spectacle.

In honor of our passions as fans, I have comprised a list of my most admired sporting events in today’s world.  First, please understand that you will not agree with me on this list, most likely.  It is merely my opinion and an attempt to inspire thoughts on which events you cherish most.

Also, know that my list has not changed in years.  A true ranking doesn’t surrender to being a “prisoner of the moment.”  In other words, the World Series does not move up the rankings in October and November—it stays the same at all times.

So without further delay, here are my top 12 sporting events in the world today:

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