WWE: With Edge Retired, Who Takes Control of the Heavyweight Championship?

wes burdenContributor IApril 12, 2011

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  World Heavyweight Champion Edge walks to the ring during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

Anyone who watched Raw tonight knows what the big story coming out of the show was. 

WWE's Edge, whose real name is Adam Copeland, is officially retiring effective immediately due to physical restraints.  He has been wrestling for eight straight years on a surgically repaired neck and now his time has come to step out of the squared circle before something serious happens.

I am very happy that Edge is walking out his way and on his terms, but the wrestling fan in me is also asking one simple question: what happens now to the world heavyweight title?

What could have been a "passing of the torch" moment from Edge to Alberto Del Rio, Edge instead pulled out the hard fought victory at Wrestlemania 27.

With Edge officially on his way out the door, who gets the first shot at grabbing what appears to be a vacated heavyweight championship?

All signs point to Del Rio taking on Christian in some type of stipulation match at Extreme Rules in a couple of weeks.  Christian has been on Edge's side the last few months, taking on the Spanish aristocrat at every turn.

They both prove week in and week out that each has what it takes to carry the title picture and this is the perfect time to assure that one of them is carrying around the gold.

The question is, who does WWE put the title on first?

I think this is the perfect time for Christian to be rewarded his first heavyweight championship and show he is "championship" material once and for all.

Maybe Del Rio gets the title first, but Christian fights the whole summer for his chance to carry the strap and be a champion that he, and his best friend Edge, can be proud of.