And The Curse Enters Century #2...

Bobby CashContributor IOctober 7, 2008

MLB Playoffs...

First of all kudos and congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays for making it to the ALCS. Nobody saw this coming especially not this year and they are poised for run at the fall classic.

I am at a loss for both the Cubs and the Angels. I actually don't know which team is more disappointing with their performance in the NLDS and ALCS, respectively.

The Cubs rolled through the regular season and had home-field advantage in the playoffs only to see the pitcher with the best home record this season and their ace get hit around and no, I repeat, no wins at Wrigley in the playoffs. I picked the Dodgers to get to the World Series but I definitely thought this series would go all five. There isn't even a scapegoat or anyone to blame the Cubbies just flat out got beat around for three straight games. Alfonso Soriano, your $130 million man is only able to muster one hit in fourteen at-bats. Averaging only 2 runs per game throughout the series certainly won't win you much in October.

Equally as disappointing was the Los Angeles Angels performance this October. The MLB's only 100 game winner this year also failed to protect their home turf. It wasn't that the Angels never had a chance in this series like the Cubs. It was the way the Angels lost that demoralized this team. The game 2 win for the Red Sox is what put this series away. After chipping away at a 5-0 deficit the Angels were able to come back and tie the game with the fifth run coming off Paplebon, the unflappable closer. However, the 9th inning saw the major league saves leader give up a two run home run to a guy who had 4 at bats in all of September. And then the missed squeeze in game 4 just added the icing on top of the cake. The Red Sox truly do have the Angels number when it comes to October.

With that out of the way...

I am going to take the Rays in 6 in the ALCS. Their pitching is set up just the way you want it and their bullpen was down right unhittable in the ALDS. And their late season trip to Fenway which resulted in two wins helps give them momentum going into the ALCS. Having home-field advantage doesn't hurt either. ALCS MVP: B.J. Upton

On the other side I am going to stick with my original pick in LA. The Dodgers offense has been clicking ever since #99 arrived. And if their pitching pitches the way they did in the ALDS they will be tough to beat. The Phillies definitely have the advantage in the bullpen, which could become a factor as the series progresses. I'll take the Dodgers in 7. NLCS MVP: Manny Ramirez.


Penn State was able to hold on to cover winning 20-6 at Purdue. Indiana was only able to score once and unable to cover while getting 6.5 points. Michigan State was able to squeak out a win over Iowa at home by a field goal, failing to cover the spread. Illinois demolished Michigan at the Big House despite getting 2.5 points. The Buckeyes were able to cover the spread at Wisconsin with a late touchdown by Terrelle Pryor. And welcome to the top 25 Ball State, after crushing Toledo in the Glass Bowl, Ball State has become a legitimate top 25 team out of the MAC. College games: 4-2

We were able to pull even in the NFL. The Colts needed a flurry of scoring in the final quarter to beat the Texans by four. And Chicago thrashed the Lions all day long covering their three point spread. The upset special started out strong. The Niners were able to go up 14-7 on the Patriots but were not able to keep up with the seasoned Pats. And the Saints blew an outstanding effort by Reggie Bush at home losing to the Vikings by 7. NFL Week 5: 2-2

All in all on the week we were 6-4 in the ten games.

Check back on Thursday for next weekends picks....