ECW Recap 10/7/08 or Younger Talent On The Rise

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2008

It's the first show for ECW after No Mercy, and although they only had one match, they still have plenty of feuds going.  It's time to see what worked and what didn't.

ECW opens this week with a match. Which is always great because 9 times out of 10, it's talking.  We get Finlay and Tommy Dreamer versus Mike Knox and Jack Swagger.  Finlay really needs to come out to his old music.  I know he's a face but it really doesn't work for his character.

Creative successfully put two feuds together with match, although one of the feuds hasn't progressed in a few weeks.  The match was well paced and they were smart enough to have the momentum shift to the heels right before break.  It's always good to do this as it creates a level of tension and makes the viewer want to see how they're hero is going to escape.  It's like a mini cliffhanger.

For the limited amount of time that Swagger was in the ring, he looked great.  He was very dominant whenever he was in the match but for whatever reason, he kept being knocked off the apron when he wasn't.  It came off as repetitive as he was knocked down at least 3 times.

Finlay still looks strong, even with his face character in full swing.  However, it bothers me that he always has to resort to the shillelagh to win a match.  Finlay is too good of a wrestler to have to keep going to a weapon to win.

The end sees Hornswoggle hitting the Tadpole Splash followed by the shillelagh on Knox.  This match was good for Swagger as he is finally fighting known wrestlers.

We get a Sci-Fi Channel endorsed backstage segment when we see Teddy Long and Tiffany in Halloween costumes for the 31 Days of Halloween.  Jamie Noble comes in looking for candy when he's interrupted by Mark Henry.

Henry wants a match against Matt Hardy but Long denies it.  Noble stands up to Henry and says that he's nothing special.  Henry demands a match against Noble and he accepts.

Mark Henry versus Jamie Noble is next.  Noble shows no fear as he attacks Henry first but quickly gets dominated.  Noble tries to fight back the entire match but to no avail.  Henry eventually puts him away with The World's Strongest Slam. 

Henry continues his attack which prompts Matt Hardy to come out and try to save Noble.  Henry gets the upper hand and lays out Matt Hardy.

As good as this was for the ECW Championship story, this really hurt Jamie Noble and was a wasted opportunity to solidify how tough he is.  Noble should have been more aggressive in the match and should have had Henry in danger for a time.  This also would have been a great time to show how powerful the arm bar is and had Mark Henry tap out to it.

They still could have had Noble being attacked afterwards and still had the same outcome.  Now that Noble has lost two matches in a week, his momentum is starting to drop.

The main event sees C.M. Punk, Kofi Kingston, Ricky Ortiz, and Evan Bourne versus The Miz, John Morrison, and Priceless.  The fans were so hot for this match and shows how much the younger talent is elevating.

The only problem I had with the match was the fact that the momentum shift was during the break, which can take a viewer out of the match because they fell like they missed something.

There was a huge C.M. Punk chant while he was on the apron.  This shows that the fans still love him and he should continue to be in the World Title Scene.

Everyone looked good in the match.  I thought it was interesting that the two people who weren't in the match for too long were the same two that had a match last night; Kingston and DiBiase.

The end sees DiBiase providing a distraction that allows Morrison to hit the Moonlight Drive on Punk.  It's good to see Morrison getting wins as he is someone else that should be working in the World Title scene as well.

Overall, a good show.  Nothing came off bad and all the stories moved forward in a natural way.  The three matches were entertaining and done well.  My rating: B.