SEC Football Rambling Recap: Week 6

SEC Idiots .comCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2008

Actual GameDay sign: What's Worse: Auburn's Offense or the Economy?

Vanderbilt students looked up GameDay on Wikipedia and had a respectable crowd Saturday morning.


Auburn, Mississippi State, Arkansas, and Tennessee fans are all asking themselves the same question: How is Vanderbilt's backup quarterback better than all quarterbacks on our team?


Auburn still looked like a Spread team without any Spread players in Nashville. Fortunately, they host Arkansas this weekend. The Hogs happen to be the perfect cure for an anemic offense. We'll see how big Tony Franklin's ego really is. He'll either try to prove the Spread will workeventuallyor he'll run the ball straight at the hapless Hog defensive line for an easy five yards a carry.


Arkansas' defense might just be bad enough for the Spread to work.



Actual GameDay sign: Lee Corso Scores More Than Auburn


Does Tony Franklin also coordinate Tennessee's offense? A 13-9 victory over Northern Illinois might qualify for the ugliest game of the season, battling the 3-2 slugfest for the top spot.


There's something missing from this Florida team. They haven't been sharp the past two weeks, and the early kickoff times aren't enough of an excuse. There's a good chance Urban Meyer saved a lot of the game plan for LSU, who visits this week. Expect more scrambling from Tebow, but also expect LSU to hold them to 21 points in a Tiger win.



Actual GameDay sign: You People are Blocking the Library.


South Carolina's defense should be enough to keep them close the rest of the way. Just being close will be scary enough for other teams that have to deal with Spurrier's play-calling late in a game. All of a sudden, 4-2 with losses to Vanderbilt and Georgia doesn't seem that bad.


My preseason pick for SEC Coach of the Year isn't looking too good. The improvement in quality of play over last year is obvious in Oxford, but Nutt has also lost three games by 2, 6, and 7 points. The Rebels gave up leads in each game.


Ok, maybe we hyped Alabama a little too much after the beatdown in Athens, but I'd still take them over the Big XII teams in the top five. Their offense doesn't put up Playstation numbers like the Big XII, but the Tide defense will stop teams when it counts. I know, I know, its way too early to talk about that.



Actual GameDay sign: I Got My GED from Auburn


We might be in store for up to three more “Games of the Year,” as dubbed by the media. First, there was USC-Ohio State. This weekend is OU-Texas. The winner of that will likely face an undefeated Missouri team, either in the regular season for Texas or in the Big XII Championship for Oklahoma.


I want LSU and Alabama to both make it unscathed until November 8, but don't expect it. Defense may win championships, but poor quarterback play can lead to upsets. Both are susceptible.



Actual GameDay sign: The SEC Drew Straws, & Its Vandy's Turn to Beat Ohio State in a Bowl Game.



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