WWE Drama 101: The John Morrison / Melina Effect

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIApril 11, 2011

I don't think it's a secret, John Morrison is one heck of an athlete and deserved a spot in WrestleMania. And he knew he deserved a spot as much as management and fans did. But, Morrison also started thinking too much it seems, or rather, not thinking enough for himself.

See, there was a story internally that WWE Divas weren't happy that Trish Stratus got a spot in the six person inter-gender tag team match, dubbed by many as Snookimania, at WrestleMania 27.

One of those Divas was former multi-time Women's Champion, Melina. Melina has been a bright spot for the WWE Divas in past years, simply because she was one of the few who could actually perform well in the ring. She also had a nice year, though wasn't considered the best diva of the year by many.

However, Melina felt slighted because only Lay-Cool were among the current divas in the Snookimania match. More over, she felt that Trish Stratus took her spot in the match. This led to Melina getting in Morrison's ear causing him to drop ideas that Trish had for the match, even giving the cold shoulder to her at times.

Trish confirmed these reports in a recent radio interview.

This much I think we've all heard by now, correct?

Many within consider Morrison as a good person and very nice, hardly ever a problem for them. And usually, when his pushed came, it was when he and Melina were separated. This wasn't just some coincidence to many. It was because without Melina in his ear, Morrison is better all around.

Most believe that when Melina is in his ear, Morrison does moronic things. Ah, to be in love.

Melina has been known to be a backstage problem, whereas Morrison never has been unless he was kind of Melina's plus one.

It was one of the many reasons they were put on different brands at one point. Management always felt Morrison was a great athlete and worked well with everyone. He always performed well, and did what he was told away from Melina.

Morrison even got pushed at one point to where many considered him World Champion material, only to go back to RAW when SmackDown was in transition from MyNetworkTV to SyFy.

From then on, he has mid-carded.

Many thought this was because he was an emerging talent among big names. But it wasn't just that, it was because of his relationship with Melina in many ways.

Whenever Melina was an issue, Morrison seemed to somehow get involved, causing them both to be in hot water with management.

The "rope in factor" if you will.

Those internally feel that Vince doesn't like Morrison because his mic work is subpar and his wrestling in the ring is performance not fighting. However, because this is considered more so entertainment than fighting nowadays, Morrison's in-ring work couldn't be what Vince doesn't like.

There is a big story that claims McMahon doesn't respect Morrison as a man. Years ago, Morrison allowed Melina to enter a sexual relationship with Dave Bautista, who was married at the time. There have also been stories that said that this wasn't the first or last time Melina did this with other men while with Morrison.

Word has it that Morrison decided to be professional about it all, instead of confrontational. This is where the, "he allowed Melina to enter a relationship with Batista" came from. She was probably doing it, and Morrison found out and did nothing. All the other times however, Morrison probably just allowed it.

Ever since hearing of this, McMahon didn't care too much for him in that respect. Which, how could you really?

McMahon would also never put a brand on a man's shoulder of which he didn't respect. This could be why Morrison has always been on the cusp of a World Title, but will never get one as long as he is in a relationship with Melina.

Let's put it this way, as just a humble observer, it seems Melina has Morrison wrapped around her little finger. Which means he'll do what he's told in order to please her and remain in a relationship with her.

Whatever Melina wants, Melina gets.

This is mostly what causes management to disrespect Morrison, simply because he does whatever Melina wants, and doesn't stand up to her if you will.

But the pattern is proven. Morrison without Melina equals success for Morrison, Morrison with Melina equals mid-cardville and lost respect for Morrison.

Until Morrison just kills the relationship with Melina, he will always be pushed down the roster.

It's not as if they are in a healthy relationship here, and it doesn't seem that she is doing Morrison any good. Oh, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this either. Morrison obviously knows he is not being treated fairly by Melina.

Listen Morrison, I know you read online, and I know you've been to this site before. So, since you'll be seeing this sooner or later. "Melina bad!". You're a good looking guy on a primetime show of which has millions of women watching. Don't ya think you can find someone else? I think so.

Until you do end it with Melina, you'll always be on the bottom of the roster and have no respect either from management and many WWE fans.

This may seem like a soap opera with these two, but hey, this is pro-wrestling people.