Top 10 Worst Sports Franchises

Samuel SIlvermanContributor IOctober 7, 2008

10. Denver Nuggets (NBA)

Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson are trying to bring Denver its first NBA title.  Since their birth, the Nuggets have only won one conference title and that came in the ABA. Today, it is hard to classify them as a weak franchise, but history says otherwise.  


9. Sacramento Kings (NBA)

Their one NBA title came over 60 years ago.  That was when they were in Rochester. The organization has moved five times and nothing seems to be working.  Their jerseys are also some of the ugliest in sports. 


8. Texas Rangers (MLB)

At times, they are able to put up a ridiculous amount of runs, but that does not matter if you don't have pitching...ever.  Not only can they never pitch, their offense always underachieves.


7. Boston Bruins (NHL)

Even though they are an original six team, they had a span of 30 years without a playoff appearance.  They have not won a cup in 40 years, and prior to 1970 it took 30 years for the Bruins to bring a championship back to Boston.  


6. Arizona Cardinals (NFL)

Recently, the Cardinals have seemed to compete.  At least a little bit.  Arizona only has four playoff appearances in their history, which lands them a spot on the list of mediocrity.


5. Los Angeles Clippers (NBA) 

The second NBA team in Los Angeles and one that I find hard to believe still exists. They always let their good players go and they have never even won a division championship. 


4. Memphis/Vancouver Grizzlies (NBA)

Most of the time, they are already eliminated by Jan. 1.  They were bad in Canada and things didn't change when they came to the United States.  Even worse, they recently got rid of the one player who had the opportunity to turn things around.  


3. Colorado Rockies (MLB)

They finally made it  to the promised land but came up short of a championship. However, they have retaken their spot as a basement dweller and that doesn't look to change anytime soon.


2. Kansas City Royals (MLB)

The Royals are averaging over 90 losses per season and they have recorded just one winning season in the last 15 years.  One can only attribute their lack of success to a fear of good talent.


1. Detroit Lions (NFL)

One playoff win in their existence and they are not a recent addition to the league. The only bright spot in this franchise's history came with the few years in which fans could watch Barry Sanders in the backfield.

The Lions never seem to compete and they constantly turn talented athletes into poor performers.  Fans in Motown should stick to the Red Wings, as the Lions won't be getting better anytime soon.