Brock Lesnar Dream Fights and His Path to Ufc Immortality

Marco ConsoliContributor IApril 18, 2011

Brock Lesnar Dream Fights and His Path to Ufc Immortality

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    On November 15, 2008 in only his third UFC fight, facing off against UFC legend and hall of famer Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar's MMA star shot off soon after the referee called a halt to the fight in the second round of a scheduled five,  as Lesnar's giant mitts were thrown down in a hammer like fashion with mean intentions on Randy's unfortunate face. Fast forward now almost two years later, and the aptly regarded man-beast Lesnar received a beatdown of his own by a smaller, quicker and more technical fighter in Cain Velasquez.

    Its amazing how you can go from being considered all but an unbeatable all-conquering champion, to a somewhat humbled contender needing to prove himself to the MMA world once again. Alas, welcome to MMA, where on any given day, any fighter can win. Where a champions reign is considered long and prestigious at just 2 or 3 title defenses.And  where you can go from being on top of the world to a flat out nobody after just one bad fight.

     Brock has to start over again somewhat and try to rebuild and adapt himself if he is to ever to be the UFC heavyweight champion again. Given his complete destruction by the hands of Cain Velasquez, the fact that he is now 33 years of age and his next task is a big one in knockout specialist Junior Dos Santos; one has to question if there is enough time for Brock to develop into his full potential.

    The following is a list of fights that would make Brock the legitimate number one heavy weight in the world and propel him to MMA stardom once again.

Junior Dos Santos

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    Junior's knockout pedigree will once again question the chin, heart and stand up ability of Brock Lesnar, all of which have been brought to the spotlight of  the MMA  world in his fight with Shane Carwin and most certainly in his latest fight against UFC champion Cain Velasquez.

    Junior holds impressive knockout wins over Gabriel Gonzaga, Gilbert Yvel and Mirko Cro Cop. Not only does he have a set of mean fists but he is also an accomplished BJJ specialist, holding a black belt in the discipline.

    After viewing a few episodes of TUF 13, it is apparent that Brock is now a  humbled, less brash and possibly less confident fighter than he was before. It has to be taken into consideration just how bad his psyche and overall confidence in himself as a fighter suffered after his lopsided defeat against Cain and if he can overcome any doubts and standup deficiencies to defeat the highly rated Dos Santos.

     Junior Dos Santos will prove to be a big test to for Brock, and it will reveal whether or not he can manage to beat a devastating striker or if this type of fighter will prove to be his achilles heel. On June 11, 2011 at Vancouver British Columbia, the world will know the answer to this question.

Cain Velasquez

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    There may not be a more dominating fighter in any weight division in MMA today than Cain Velasquez. Having practically steamrolled over each and every one of his opponents, the native of California is the top dog in the division and looks to be far ahead of the competition. 8 of his 9 wins inside the octagon have come via tko but whats an even more compelling and convincing stat is the fact that Cain has yet to lose a single round! Add to this the fact that he has the best cardio conditioning in the heavyweight division and fights at an incredible pace all leads many to believing that he is the "Total Package".

    In the fight against Cain it was obvious Brock was outmatched by a better overall fighter who had all the answers on the night. Should he get past Dos Santos, he will have to exorcise his demons and take his game to the next level in order to regain the title again from the Colossus that is Cain Velasquez.must

    It would be interesting to see the gameplan that Brock would use if this re-match takes place and if he is able to execute. It must be said, Brock Lesnar has adapted before and is always getting better; he will need to if Cain and Brock II takes place later in the year.

Shane Carwin

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    The term "fluke" has often been used synonymously in reference to Brock's second round submission of Shane Carwin at UFC 116. The first round saw Carwin completely pummel Lesnar with his jackhammer punches. Having unequalled punching power at his disposal, Carwin seemed to be moments away from ending the fight in the first round as he had Lesnar visibly disoriented and on the ground covering up desperately in order to avoid shot after shot.

    The fight ended up being a tale of two rounds as Lesnar came out in the second round and took down the visibly fatigued Carwin and submitting him soon after with an arm-triangle. The fight left many wondering what would have happened if Carwin was able to land a punch flush while Lesnar was down, and if Lesnar was "lucky" to have survived the round without a referee stoppage.

    A second fight between the two would answer the debate of whether the win was a fluke or not. If anything, the fight did point out two things; Carwin seems to lack cardio/conditioning in rounds outside of the first and Lesnar seems to lack standup/defensive skills, a fact that was later exploited by Cain Velasquez.

     The best way for Lesnar to silence his critics and the questions surrounding his stand-up skills would be to fight and beat Carwin again.

Frank Mir

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    Yeah right! Talk about irrelevant fights that nobody wants to see. Hopefully it won't ever happen. Nobody cares about this rubbermatch.

Alistair Overeem

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    "The Demolition Man" represents an absolute dream matchup against Brock Lesnar. Two of the more polarizing figures in all of MMA, Overeem presents a comparable physique as well as physical attributes that include an unprecedented  combination of strength and power; to that of Brock. Although the two are currently employed under two seperate organizations, UFC's recent acquisition of Strikeforce could mean that the matchup could become a possibility withi next couple of years.

    Alistair has had a somewhat mediocre career at light-heavyweight, losing to notable fighters that included Chuck Lidell, Shogun (twice) and Antonio Noguiera. But after going on what he describes as "a horsemeat diet" and gaining over 30 pounds of lean muscle, he has gone an absolute tear in the heavyweight division, winning 9 fights in a row that included a 19 second first round knockout over former UFC contender Todd Dufree.

    Overeem has also been one of the many MMA fighters that have voiced their negative opinions and critique's of Lesnar's fighting credentials. It would be interesting to see these two go at it as there abrassive alpha-male personalities would add to the promotional hype of the fight. If Lesnar can silence Overeem by beating him, he would synonymously silence a number of other fighters (particularly the Brazilians) who have spoken out and publicly criticized him.

Jon "bones" Jones

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    Arguably the most devastating and dominant fighter in the UFC/MMA today, the 23 year old fighter seems to be reinventing the sport everytime he steps into the octagon. His style and never before seen combinations  of striking and takedowns makes him an entirely unpredictable fighter.  Cael Sonnen's recent rant about the 205 pound division, although taken to the extreme is rather true; that is, nobody wants to step up to challenge him,  Rashad Evans looks to be far from excited to be facing him for the belt. Aside from Anderson Silva, he is the most feared fighter in the world today.

    At 6 foot 4 and with a bizarre reach of 84.5 inches (the longest in the UFC in any division), he is a behemoth for a 205 pounder. At only 23, his body is continuing to grow and develop and he did admit it himself that he wants to persue the heavyweight title sometime in the future.

    The way in which he has completely dismantled and dominated his competition he has left the MMA community in utter awe of his raw abilities and unmatched athleticism.

    The way he picked apart Shogun Rua this past March 19 illustrates his amazing attributes and talent. Shogun, an amazing fighter in his own right, had previously destroyed a number of top light-heavyweights. His resume includes a who's who in the division, that includes defeating Rampage Jackson, Antonio Noguiera, Chuck Liddell and Lyoto Machida. Never once in the fight did Shogun put Jones in any sort of danger, nor did he seem to be competitive at all  as Jones dominated the affair from start to finish. His performance has lead many MMA followers to believe that he is now the best fighter in the UFC organization and that he has no limits to what he can do and accomplish.

    A superfight showcasing these two "freak" athletes Lesnar and Jones, would generate unprecedented interest and excitement from the MMA/soprts community and would launch the status of the eventual winner to the upper echelon of superstardom.

    If there is anything that can be said about Dana White, it would be that he makes fights happen. He is a fan of the sport first and keeps and uses social media as a way of gaining insight to the interest level of the public; and if the demand and interest level is there you can be assured that the fight will take place.

    This fight is a real possibility  within a 2-3 year time frame, just as long as the two fighters keep winning. If Lesnar can beat Jones in this superfight, he could then confidently conclude his UFC career leaving a lasting legacy and a path of destruction in his wake.