Memo to Sports Media: Enough Already with the Lame References!

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IOctober 7, 2008

First, let me say it is good to be back on Bleacher Report. After a short break I now have the time to write about a few things I have observed lately.

The Tampa Bay Rays are an amazing story, to say the least. I am disappointed that they beat the Chicago White Sox yesterday, but that does not take away from the respect I have for them as a team.

In a day when all we seem to hear about is the salary wars of the Yankees and Red Sox, here comes a team with a low payroll to show Major League Baseball how it's done. Much like the Minnesota Twins, they show that you can build a winner without spending like a drunken king.

That being said, one thing is killing me about the Rays: Evan Longoria.

No, not the soon-to-be Rookie of the Year and future MVP, no doubt. But the media that covers him. Honestly, why is it that every time this great young player does something, we have to hear the endlessly lame Eva Longoria comments?

I swear I just want to reach through my TV and choke the ESPN anchors who do it. (Yes, that includes you, Stuart Scott.) Who thinks these comments are funny or even entertaining? Not one person I know.

I can make you this promise right now. In a few years Mrs. Parker and her husband will not be as famous as the Rays' third baseman will be.

That brings me to the NFL and NFL Network.

After the Dolphins beat the Patriots, Rich Eisen made the incredibly stupid reference to Tony Sparano "whacking" the Patriots.

Here we go again.

Isn't it time to let the lame and racist Tony Soprano crap go? The fact that Sparano himself goofed on it does not make it any better in my opinion.

How would Eisen have felt if, instead of someone saying an Italian-American "whacked" someone, they threw other racial stereotypes in the mix to describe the coach?

Imagine, if you will, the outrage a Jewish general manager would feel if a Jewish stereotype were thrown his way after a contract negotiation. Not too pleasant, is it?

Or if a media member made a Latino stereotype regarding Ozzie Guillen? The local Chicago media does enough making fun of his accent in my opinion.

What about an African-American coach or player? Look at Imus, if you can stand it. Perfect example.

Even a female coach. Throw in a stereotype there and see what happens.

The point is that this would not be tolerated for any other group. I fell sick every time someone mentions a famous Italian-American, the mafia crap has to come along with it.

I think Eisen should be fired, personally. Many will disagree with me on this, which is fine. But like the old saying goes, I like my funny to be funny.

The Evan/Eva garbage and the Sparano/Soprano crap is not funny. It is time to kill these lame references once and for all.


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