Chris Mort Speaks on Criteria for Newcastle United Manager

Eddy ShearyadiCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2008

For about a week now, we've only read speculations of who will replace Sam Allardyce as the manager of Newcastle United. Today, United chairman told the official site that he and owner Mike Ashley feel the most important thing now is to get the decision right.

Chris Mort said he wants a manager who is able to lay solid foundations for Newcastle's future. They will need to take whatever time is necessary to make that right decision.

They also added three important criteria to consider for each candidate:

  • A great manager who can have the team playing with the right balance of winning and stylish football. We know we will have defeats and losing runs along the way, but if the team is not trying to play football "on the carpet" as Sir Bobby Robson recently described it I think they will always struggle to win over the followers of Newcastle United.
  • A manager who is willing to develop the youth side of the club. For too long the club has missed out on the young footballing talent in the region. These days that talent needs to be combined with young talent sourced both nationally and internationally.
  • A manager who can speak English. There have been media suggestions that we would only appoint a British manager. That is not true. However, we think this is a big enough job without the manager having to operate through an interpreter.
  • A manager willing and able to take on and cope with Newcastle United, not currently a Champions League team. In six of the last 10 seasons, we have finished in the bottom half of the Premier League. We have also seen the pressures placed on Newcastle United and its manager by some of the press and supporters recently and need someone who is willing and able to handle that.

There's also a very interesting point, especially for those who fancy Jose Mourinho the most...sorry, but it seems that we WILL NOT going to after him.

On his note, Mort said that we are not necessarily going to interest a manager who is already at a team playing Champions League football or whose only ambition is to manage a top team in, say, Spain or Italy.

I have to say, I personally think it makes a lot of sense, although with all those criteria we cannot hope to get the right man in a short period. In fact it would be a dream come true if we could get a man who satisfies all of those requirements.

Honest, I'm more than happy if we can get the man who can answer the challenge on points one and two.