2011 Masters: A Timeline of Sunday's Action

Todd Pataky@@PittsburghToddCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2017

2011 Masters: A Timeline of Sunday's Action

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    Rory McIlroy, the brilliant 21-year-old from Northern Ireland, took a four-stroke lead into the last round of the Masters.

    In his wake were a mix of past champions, seasoned veterans and young players.

    Not the least of which was four-time champion Tiger Woods.

    In case you missed it, here is a timeline of how everything went down Sunday at Augusta.

2:10 p.m. Tiger's First Birdie of the Round

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    Desperately needing to make birdies and eagles, Tiger lines up a six-foot putt for birdie on the second hole.

    The putt drops for birdie and Woods moves to one-under on the day and six-under on the tournament, six strokes behind McIlroy.

    It will be another half an hour before the leaders tee off.

    Current leader board:

    McIlroy -12

    Day -8

    Schwartzel -8

    Choi -8

    Cabrera -8

    Donald -7

    Scott -7

    Woods -6

    Van Pelt -6 

2:22 Tiger Goes Back to Back, Phil Doesn't

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    While Tiger is knocking down a birdie on the third hole to get to seven-under for the tournament, Jason Day and Adam Scott are driving on the first.

    Is this the beginning of a charge by the four-time champ?

    Day missed the fairway, but Scott picks up right where he left off on Saturday by piping one down the middle.

    At the same time, the defending champ Phil Mickelson, makes double-bogey on the fifth, effectively ending any thought of going back-to-back. He is ten back. He couldn't come back from this deficit if Jesus was his caddy.

2:27 Tiger Is Wayward on 4th Hole

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    Tiger tugs his tee shot on par-3 fourth hole and claims that something distracted him in his backswing.

    The shot finds the green, but Tiger would need an odometer to measure the length of the putt he now has.

    Meanwhile, Day is short of the first green in two. His pitch up leaves a nasty six-footer for par, which he misses.

    Fred Couples, with his silky swing, finds the third green with his third shot and has a look at par, but he can't sweep it in.

    Adam Scott makes a good lag at the first hole, securing a par.

    Tiger's lag across the fourth green leaves a lot to be desired, and he misses his par attempt down the hill from about eight feet.

2:40 The Leaders Are on the Course

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    While McIlroy is doing what he has done all week, lacing a tee shot up the first fairway, Charl Schwartzel fans his approach to the first and leaves himself an ungodly up and down from right of the green.

    Schwartzel's playing partner, K. J. Choi, finds the green from the left rough.

    Angel Cabrera, playing with tournament leader McIlroy, loses his tee shot left where it nearly brains a woman. He will have a tricky play to the green from there.

    I'm sure this is not what he wanted on the first tee.

    2:41 Schwartzel makes the up and down easy on himself by holing the "up." A great birdie to start his round which puts him three back, but he cannot rely on that all day. He will have to find a green or two to have a real chance at catching McIlroy.

2:44 Tiger Is Still Struggling to Find the Right Area on the Greens

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    In a deja vu moment, Woods finds the green on five, but is about a club short. He just hasn't had the distance control he has needed to get around under par.

    Cabrera fits his ball through the trees and finds the first green.

    McIlroy misses the first green a little left, but the chip shot should not be too tough. If his ball rolls another few feet, he is staring bogey right in the eye. Lucky break.

2:51 Leaders Are Through the First

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    Cabrera does well to two putt from the front of the green and nearly holes his lag.

    McIlroy runs his chip shot by, but misses his testy five-footer for par, giving a ray of hope to those behind him.

    Cabrera's par is even better now considering where he had to play his approach from.

2:52 Scott Birdies the Second

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    Adam Scott pulls within three of McIlroy, thanks to a nice birdie on the par five and McIlroy's inability to get up and down on one.

    Scott's playing partner, Day, gets the shot back he lost on the first hole by making birdie on the second as well. He is within three, too.

    Back on the tee, Cabrera absolutely nuked his tee shot over the fairway bunker to give him a great look at the par-5 green in two.

    McIlroy does the one thing you cannot do on the second hole; he found the fairway bunker meaning he will not be able to go for the green on his second. If he is going to make birdie, it is going to be with a wedge. 

    On the sixth hole, Tiger hits a towering hook that finds the ridge in the green and gives him an excellent look at birdie from beneath the hole. That is the kind of shot you would expect from a former champion. 

2:59 McIlroy Might Be Showing Signs of Weakness

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    McIlroy compounds the error he made off the tee on the second hole by not getting out of the bunker cleanly.

    His second shot catches the lip of the bunker and leaves an extremely long approach to a front pin position.

    Tiger strokes a birdie putt on six that finds the bottom putting him four back at seven under. With McIlroy backing up, he might have a chance if he can dial in his irons.

    Choi misses for birdie on two, letting a golden opportunity go by. Schwartzel follows suit and misses his birdie attempt, but remains two back.

    McIlroy has now hit three bad shots in a row. His third on two finds a green-side bunker.

    Cabrera easily finds the green and should be able to two-putt for birdie.

3:11 Schwartzel Ties the Lead

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    McIlroy makes a great save for par on the second hole after smacking it around like my brother-in-law. Right in front of him, Cabrera knocks down his birdie to move to nine-under, only two back.

    On the fourth hole, Charl Schwartzel holes his second shot of the day that he didn't make with a putter. An eagle on the third hole ties him for the lead with McIlroy, who seems to have not brought his best game today.

    Woods finds the green at seven and will have a make-able birdie putt for a change.

3:15 Tiger's First Fist Pump of the Day

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    Knocking down a birdie on the seventh hole, Tiger pumps his fist and moves to within three of the lead.

    Cabrera airmails the green on three by some twenty yards. I'm not sure what club he hit, but he needed about two clubs less.

    McIlroy plays a nice approach on three and will be looking at a slick downhill putt for birdie.

    Co-leader Schwartzel finds the same side of the green where Tiger three putted on four. He'll probably hole his next shot.

3:21 McIlroy's Misses Another Short Putt, This Time for Birdie

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    McIlroy clearly off his game, misses another short putt on the third. This one was for birdie. He knocks the par down, but an opportunity to get the shots he lost on one and two back gets by him.

    Cabrera can't get up and down from behind the third (few can), and slips to three back of the lead.

    Schwartzel, putting from so far away from the fourth hole that he would have needed lasers to measure the length, could not get his approach putt within ten feet. The resulting bogey drops him out of the lead. 

    Tiger hits a great second on the eighth hole to set up a very good chance at eagle. If he can make the putt, Augusta will go absolutely nuts.

3:26 Rory a Little Unlucky

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    McIlroy's tee shot on the fourth is unlucky in that it catches a down-slope and rolls over the green. He should be able to get up and down, if he can make a putt.

    Cabrera finds the Tiger/Schwartzel area of the green. Will he bogey the way Tiger and Schwartzel did?

    Speaking of Schwartzel, he hits a tee shot on five that might be flirting with the cavernous bunkers on the left of the fairway. If he is in one of that, a bogey is a virtual certainty.

3:30 Woods Makes the Crowd Go Crazy

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    Across the fourth green, Cabrera makes a fine two putt to remain two back of the lead.

    The crowd erupts around the eighth green as Tiger holes an eagle and moves one back of McIlory. He is five under on his round and I have no doubt fans in Northern Ireland could hear that roar.

    While Tiger was making eagle, McIlroy was two putting the fourth to stay a stroke ahead of Woods and Schwartzel.

3:41 Tiger Can't Replicate Phil's Pine Straw Miracle

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    Playing the ninth hole, Woods finds the pine straw to the right of the fairway.

    In a moment that is strangely similar to the amazing shot Mickelson hit on the 13th hole last year, complete with the tree in front of Tiger, Woods fails to duplicate Phil's shot. Tiger finds one of the bunkers to the left of the green. He will have a tricky, slick shot out of the bunker.

    Meanwhile, McIlroy fails to find the fifth green, coming up short and right. His chip to the back hole location is good, but still leaves more than a few feet for par. It might not be so bad if he hadn't already missed a couple from that length today.

    After a furious start to the tournament, things seem to have cooled off since Tiger's eagle.

    It feels like the calm before the back-nine storm.

3:46 Rory Misses from Short Range Again, Tiger Takes a Share of the Lead

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    Looking at a par putt on the fifth of about five feet, McIlroy cannot find the bottom of the cup. For the first time in more than a year and a half, Tiger Woods is in the lead at a major.

    Tiger, however, has a very tough par putt on the ninth hole to try to retain a share of his new-found lead.

    He drains it!

    There is no way he could know that was to keep a share of the lead, but he holes a beauty of an 18-footer and makes the turn at five under for the round, 10-under for the tournament.

    Remember, Tiger has never won a major when he didn't hold at least a share of the lead after 54 holes.

    Charl Schwartzel is the other man in the lead.

    Cabrera, Choi and Day are two back of the lead.

3:57 Adam Scott Joins the Party

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    Scott birdies the seventh hole to join the group of players two back of the leaders.

    Tiger finds the devilish tenth green, but a birdie does not seem likely (I know, I know, famous last words).

    Choi finds the green on seven from the left rough and should be able to climb to within one of the lead. Don't count out the gritty player from Korea.

    His playing partner, Charl Schwartzel, will need some more long-distance magic to make par, having found the wrong side of the green with his approach.

    Back on the tee, Cabrera and McIlroy both smoke drivers up the fairway. They should both be able to find the area of the hole and have looks at birdie.

3:05 Choi Climbs within One

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    With a very nice birdie on the par-4 seventh, K.J. Choi puts himself one back of the trio in the lead.

    Woods made par on 10, Schwartzel made par on seven right after Choi, and McIlroy is safely in the fairway on seven.

    Tiger is in the midst of the hardest stretch of holes on the course. If he can get through 11 and 12 no worse than par, he has a really good chance at his fifth Green Jacket.

3:10 McIlroy Makes His First Birdie of the Day

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    After backing his approach off the seventh green, into the fringe, McIlroy holes his next shot for birdie and takes the lead back from Tiger and Schwartzel.

    Cabrera makes birdie on top of McIlroy to stay two back.

    Tiger has found the fairway on 11 and should have a good look at the green.

    Jason Day and Adam Scott both find the green on eight.

    Day knocks down his birdie to go eight-under and Scott follows him in to go nine-under.

3:17 Tiger Pars the 11th

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    As one of the hardest holes on the course, par is a good score on 11. Tiger is still playing well, but the fireworks since the eighth hole have died down.

    Cabrera and McIlroy will both have looks at going for the eighth in two, but Cabrera's angle to the green is better. 

    Rory will have to play a hard hook to find the green in two.

4:28 Huge Miss!

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    Tiger's mojo might be gone. On the par-3 12th hole, he can't get down in two from off the back of the green and makes bogey.

    McIlroy wastes a golden opportunity on eight. From the side of the green in two, he chunks his approach leaving him a very long putt at birdie. A birdie would push him back to two up over Schwartzel and three over Woods.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that McIlroy has not been on his game today.

    4:32 McIlroy misses his lengthy birdie. Big chance lost.

    Luke Donald moves to nine under with a birdie at 10.

4:36 Woods Can't Find the 13th Green in Two

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    From a great position, after a massive drive around the corner, Woods misses the green long on 13. The hopes of many a Masters contender are buried in the small valley behind that green. If he can make par from back there, he will have done very well.

    The good news is that he has a lot of green to work with. The bad news is that if he hits his next shot even a little too hard, he could be playing his next from the tributary of Rae's creek that runs in front of the green.

    K.J. Choi gets within one of the lead, joining Cabrera and Schwartzel when he knocks the flag down on nine and makes the short putt.

4:42 Final Group Makes the Turn

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    Certainly this is not the front nine that McIlroy had envisioned, but Cabrera has to be pleased with his play.

    Cabrera has played very well by shooting a front-nine 34. 

    McIlroy has done well to only be one-over for the front nine. He is playing off the tee very well, but can't seem to find the greens in the right areas around the holes. He has also miss a few putts that he should have made easily. 

    Meanwhile, Woods made par on 13 for the first time this week, keeping him two back of the lead.

    Adam Scott pars the difficult 10th to stay two back and right behind him; Choi and Schwartzel cannot get close to the hole. Choi doesn't even find the green on 10, but his shot could have been much worse.

4:50 Rory's a Lumberjack...

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    Off the 10th tee, McIlroy yanks his shot into the woods left of the fairway. He hit it so far left that he will be required to sign autographs for the people staying in the cabins after his second shot. I have to wonder if Augusta National will make him pay for the dents he might have put in the cabins. 

    Luke Donald has probably watched his chance to win down in the waters of Rae's Creek in front of the 12th green. He looked to fan his tee shot just enough that it caught the bank and rolled back into the drink.

    Tiger finds the 14th green and looks to have 12-15 feet for birdie. At this point, he is going to have to post 12 or 13 under and hope the players in front of him come back to him.

    It looks like McIlroy might be. His second shot on 10 runs across the fairway. No word yet on how far of a shot he has to the green, but it won't be a wedge he is hitting.

    Scott makes birdie on the 11th putting him one behind the lead in a four-way tie for second.

    It looks like this will be a tie for the lead in a few minutes.

5:02 What Am I Seeing?!

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    Rory McIlroy is completely falling apart on the 10th hole.

    His third shot was with a wooden club and he was so far back he couldn't see the huge fairway bunker short of the green.

    That shot was left of the green in the pine straw.

    His fourth shot hit a tree and bounced back at him and his fifth finally found the green.

    The best he can hope for is a double-bogey, and it seems likely that he is going to drop three shots.

    Meanwhile, Tiger pipes a drive down the 15th fairway. I'm sure he is thinking eagle on this reachable par-5.

    Scott made a nice run at the hole on 12, but just missed making birdie.

5:06 McIlroy Is Now Two Back

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    For the first time since Thursday, Rory McIlroy is not atop the leader board at the 2011 Masters.

    There is a four-way tie atop the leader board at the Masters.

    Cabrera, Choi, Schwartzel and Scott are all ten-under. The combined total of majors for those four men: two. Cabrera has both of them.

    Woods plants a great second on the par-5 15th hole and looks to be a lock for eagle. If he can drop that putt, he will be in the lead by himself.

    Jason Day moves to one back of the lead with a birdie on the pretty, tough par-3 12th.

    Folks, we have ourselves a tournament!

5:12 Back in the Lead

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    There was a time when Tiger was a mortal lock to make putts of this magnitude. 

    With that lip out of a very make-able eagle on 15, Tiger is left to make birdie and join the pack at 10-under.

    The problem is that he only has three holes to play while the players behind him have both par-5 holes on the back nine left.

    McIlroy may have watched his chances at winning disappear in the woods left of the 10th hole, but his approach to 11 proves he has some fight in him. He knocks it on to about 10 feet for birdie, but still makes bogey. 

    5:17 Tiger flags his tee shot at the par-3 16th and leaves himself a 12-footer to take the lead on his own again.

    Adam Scott lays up on the par-5 13th after having played the hole at five under for the first three rounds.

5:20 Choi Drops a Shot

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    The steady Korean lets a shot go on the famous 12th hole, going to one shot back of the lead group.

    Adam Scott's decision to lay up on 13 may prove to be the wrong one. His approach wedge is about 10-12 feet away. If he can't make this shot, he might regret not taking the chance when he had it.

    Cabrera finds a bunker behind the 12th. That will not be an easy up and down.

    Tiger excites the crowd as his birdie attempt on 16 peeks in the hole, but slides by.

    5:24 I think Scott gave the tournament away when he didn't go for the green on 13. His birdie attempt goes begging and he makes par. Pars on the par fives are not going to be good enough to win this Masters.

    McIlroy, still recovering from the debacle he made at 10, finds the green on 12 and will have a chance to climb back within two shots of the lead.

    Jason Day takes Choi's spot in the lead group by going back-to-back with birdies on the 12th and 13th.

5:30 Rory Is Done

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    Folks, he played great for three and a half days, but Rory McIlroy's chances are over as he double-bogies the 12th hole. 

    Good playing, Rory, you will be there one day, this just wasn't your day.

    Tiger playing the 17th finds the front edge of the green. That should be a fun putt.

    Geoff Ogilvy has quietly snuck up to be one back of the lead after making five consecutive birdies on the back nine. Where did he come from?

5:37 The Rise of the Aussies

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    With a birdie on 14th, Adam Scott takes the lead on his own at 11-under.

    Cabrera finds the same spot where Tiger was on 13. Good luck with that.

    Jason Day had a chance to tie Scott for the lead on 14, but watches his birdie slide by.

    Tiger pars the 17th. I'm sorry, but the bogey on 12 might be his undoing. The best he can realistically hope for is to post 11-under. The players behind him have a lot of golf left.

    I think the winning score is going to be 12- or 13 under.

5:48 Getting to Know Adam Scott

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    Scott flairs his second shot on the par-5 15th finds the patrons right of the green. That will be a tough up and down over the bunker guarding the right side of the green. I wonder if he will sign some autographs while he is over there.

    In the meantime, Jason Day has to punch out from behind a tree on the 15th and will have to make a birdie with his wedge.

    Luke Donald birdies the 16th to get in the group at 10-under.

    Woods finds the green on 18, but will have to make a long putt to post 11-under.

5:54 Tiger Posts 10-Under Par

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    After an amazing front-nine 31, Woods could only manage par on the back-nine and posts 10-under for the tournament. He made a hell of a run, but I don't think that is going to be good enough to win with all the players behind him.

    Bo Van Pelt, who has also made a quiet run to get to 10-under, fell back with a bogey at 16.

    Cabrera couldn't make birdie at 14, while Scott was playing meet-and-greet with the patrons right of the 15th green. He will do well to make par after a poor pitch shot to the green.

    Jason Day couldn't find the 15th green with a wedge and will be scrambling to make a par on the par-5.

    Geoff Ogilvy could not find the 18th green and will have to make an up-and-down to tie Woods for the clubhouse lead.

    This is going to be an exciting finish to a very memorable Masters.

6:03 Adam Scott Stiffs It at 16

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    Adam Scott just played the ridge perfectly on the 16th and is left with a kick-in for birdie to go to 12-under. If Scott can hold it together for the last two holes, he will become the first Australian to win the Masters.

    Schwartzel is over the green in two on 15, and Ogilvy has tied Woods for the clubhouse lead at 10-under.

    Jason Day, nipping at Scott's heels and playing in the same group, can't find the green on 16 and will be left with a remarkably tough up-and-down.

6:10 Scott Makes Biride, Schwartzel Keeps Pace

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    Harry How/Getty Images

    Scott knocked in his short birdie on the 16th to move to 12-under, while Schwartzel birdied the 15th to stay one back.

    Choi also birdied the 15th to stay two back.

    Day proved equal to the up-and-down he faced on 16, but at this point, he has to make birdies. With no water in play on the last two holes, the only way to catch Scott will be to make the shots to catch him. They are not going to be able to hope Scott comes back to them.

6:16 Bad Luck, Luke

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    Andrew Redington/Getty Images

    From an awkward stance on the 18th hole, Luke Donald played a terrific shot that might have gotten close had it not hit the flag stick. As it was, it did hit the pin and caromed off the front of the green.

    In a reversal of my last slide, Adam Scott could not find his way to the fairway on 17. In fact, he was so far left that he was almost in the bunkers that guard the seventh green.

    While Scott was trying to figure out which hole to play, Schwartzel drained a 15-footer on 16 to get a share of the lead.

    Choi couldn't find a birdie on the 16th and probably will not be in the mix at the end of the day.

    6:20 Donald jars his chip from off the front of the green to tie the clubhouse lead! What a terrific shot!

6:23 Castles Made of Sand

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    David Cannon/Getty Images

    Adam Scott, the co-leader after Schwartzel's birdie on 16, has seen more sand than the cast of Baywatch on the 17th hole, but he still has a putt at par.

    Jason Day turns the screws on Scott by holing a long birdie right in front of him. That putt puts Day one shot back.

    Schwartzel found the second cut right of the 17th fairway and will have a tough shot at the 17th hole.

    6:26 Clutch! Scott holes his par putt on 17 to retain a share of the lead. 

6:30 Three Horse Race

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    Harry How/Getty Images

    With players dropping out of the mix at an alarming rate, only three men remain with a real chance to win this Masters.

    Adam Scott is in the middle of the fairway on 18 and has a share of the lead with Charl Schwartzel.

    Schwartzel has found the 17th green and will have a run at taking the lead on his own if he can nail a fairly long birdie putt.

    Jason Day is one back of that duo and is also in the middle of the fairway on 18.

    Whoever can close out their round without blinking is going to be the Master's champion and will have won his first major.

6:34 Charl Schwartzel Takes the Lead

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    Andrew Redington/Getty Images

    With a very good birdie from about 12 feet, Schwartzel takes the lead at 13-under. 

    One has to wonder, looking back, if he was destined to win this tournament when he pitched in on the first for a birdie from across the green and then holed his second shot on the 3rd hole.

    Jason Day hits a splendid approach to 18, but even if he makes the putt, he will only be in the clubhouse lead, one back of the leader on the course, Charl Schwartzel.

    6:37 Schwartzel has hit the last shot with any real trouble in it: the tee shot on 18. Assuming Scott does not hole a long birdie putt in front of him, he will only need a par to win.

6:41 Jason Day Posts 12-Under

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    Andrew Redington/Getty Images

    Jason day birdies the last two holes to post 12-under, but it may not be enough. All Schwartzel has to do is make par and he wins his first major championship.

    Regardless who wins, he will be the fourth man in a row to win his first major championship.

    Adam Scott ties the clubhouse lead with a nice par at 18.

6:48 Charl Schwartzel—2011 Masters Champion

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    David Cannon/Getty Images

    Congratulations to Charl Schwartzel who shot a final round 66 to win the Masters by two strokes over Jason Day and Adam Scott.

    Schwartzel birdied the last four holes to take his first major championship.

    Schwartzel is the second major champion from South Africa in the last year. The other was Louis Oosthuizen who took the Open Championship last year at St. Andrews.

    What a great Masters, so much fun to watch and so exciting.