Notes from the Lost Dossier: Rest Assured About WWE/Silence of a Community

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IApril 10, 2011

I'm a wrestler, no whistles, no bells, never needed it
I'm a wrestler, no whistles, no bells, never needed it

Disclaimer: If you’re one of the many ‘writers’ on this site who only post news on a site that’s meant to discuss sports on an intellectual and analytical level, open your eyes as wide as you can and read on. The rest, of course, are always welcome.

It’s come to my attention that many in the B/R community have relegated themselves to posting spoilers, news, tweets and as such there seems to be an increasing influx of anything but analytical, well-thought, argumentative works or others of an otherwise historical nature.

Might I ask why?

The news sites garner hits, and thus receive a lot of traffic and it benefits them and them only.

Tell me, how is randomly copy-pasting news (about a business which is supposed to be enjoyed by ignoring the dirt sheets in the first place) benefiting you, Mr. Writer?

Is it increasing your vocabulary? Is it helping you challenge yourself to create works of a more intriguing and spellbinding nature, or are you simply putting your brains on a shelf to let them gather dust?

I don’t mean to be rude, Mr. Writer, but one often finds that rudeness can be portrayed successfully even without the slightest of intent on the part of the person but I must ask, why did you change?

I sat here in front of my screen, many a months ago and was regaled by thrilling, exciting, competitive and fascinating stories, be it of sarcastic analysis, historical overviewings or even mocking of rumor mills, but what happened?

Did we, the readers not appreciate you enough? Did we not compliment you enough?

Or did the system change in such a drastic fashion that you were forced to change along with it?

I’d like to think that wrestling blends between two realities, one of which is our own and the other is of the individual wrestler’s, and together they build the world that we hold so dear to our hearts.

And if it is indeed so dear to our hearts and not dear to the underside of our feet as it may seem, then why are we treating wrestling as if it were the red-headed stepsister of a long-forgotten affair?

Why isn’t the passion for wrestling (that should run rampant as if it were blood coursing through the veins) shining through?

Take the example of Vince McMahon.

A man confused about what he wants, how he wants it and what means he must use in order to get what he wants.

One look at the True Story of WrestleMania DVD is all you need to know that they all succeeded on such a massive scale is because they were always passionate about what they did.

They were passionate about telling a story between the ropes; they were hell-bent on creating tension that you could cut with a machete simply by one glance at the enemy on the other side of the squared circle.

And yet, the WWE today is mired in an identity crisis.

But rest assured, WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

It always has and always will because the soldiers that step forth and put their bodies on the line to claim the title of ‘superstar’ are, after all, wrestlers.

WWE wants to be known as a global entertainment company, nothing wrong with that.

Nothing wrong with trying to tweak the formula and seeing if it works in their favor and if it does, congratulations to them for broadening their horizons.

If it doesn’t, congratulate them still for going back to a formula that’s tried and true and has been working for generations and will work for generations to come.

It is fact apparent that the company hates the term ‘wrestling’ and want it to be forever unspoken within the hallowed halls of World *simply vacant space, nothing mysterious* Entertainment, Inc. but it is wrestling that takes place in the ring.

Feuds are built up, and you need not look further than the fight between good and evil to know that what we are seeing in the ring is tradition being carried on until today.

The point I’m trying to sharpen with a pencil and point to you is that you can dress up the tweets and the news and lace them with your opinions sometimes, sure, we all need a good laugh and a smirk to go along with our insightful, attention-grabbing pieces…

…but please, don’t make your own reading experience and in turn, ours, into a thigh sucking-ly difficult chore.

I came to read and write about the sport that I love, not to read about what move set would suit Snooki or why it’s imperative I know why Sting didn’t join the WWE.

Follow this link and read the very first requirement:

If you love wrestling so much, prove it.

Hope you smell what I’m cooking,

Yours sincerely,

The reader