Strikeforce Diaz vs. Daley Results: Nick Diaz Should Fight Georges St-Pierre

Darren WongSenior Analyst IApril 10, 2011

It was a brutal brawl, and one of the most exciting back-and-forth rounds of the year. Nick Diaz defeated Paul Daley with a somewhat questionable stoppage with just seconds left in the round.

Diaz has established a strange legacy for winning fights after being rocked and dropped. He did it against Takanori Gomi, Marius Zaromskis and now he's done it against Paul Daley.

But what's next?

Tyron Woodley seems to be the next challenger by process of elimination, but Tarec Saffiedine showed that he isn't ready for Diaz.

A fight with "Mayhem" Miller is still an interesting prospect as well.

But if Jake Shields fails to upset heavily-favored Georges St-Pierre, Diaz should get the next UFC title shot.

I've been critical of Diaz in the past, and I still think most of those criticisms are valid: He can't wrestle, and he doesn't check leg kicks. Those are two big weaknesses when facing St-Pierre, who can control distance very well with his leg kicks, and is a dominant top-position grappler.

Truth be told, I don't think that Diaz matches up very well with anybody in the top five in the UFC.

The UFC's welterweight division is stacked with a ton of great wrestlers who are also BJJ black belts. I think a lot of them would be able to take Diaz down and keep him there.  Matt Hughes might still be able to beat Diaz.

That said, those same wrestlers like Koscheck, Fitch and Hughes have all tried and failed against St-Pierre.  It's clear that a different approach is necessary.

Diaz, if nothing else, is a breath of fresh air in the welterweight division, and can at least give St-Pierre a different look than he's seen in the past.

There would also be a built-in story line if St-Pierre defeats Diaz's teammate, Shields.

But most important is the closure that such a fight would bring.

Diaz hasn't fought the best competition over the past few years, but there are always people out there who have thought he'd be a guy who would have something different to offer St-Pierre.

Diaz himself has often grumbled about St-Pierre making much more money than he does.

Truth be told, I think St-Pierre is more than capable of taking down Diaz and opening up Diaz's notoriously fragile eyebrows and forehead.  But that's all just speculation until it actually happens.

Eventually, St-Pierre should move up to face Anderson Silva. That's the bigger fight, and the more significant one, all things considered, but it can wait.

St-Pierre vs Diaz needs to happen for all those fans out there who have ever wondered if the foul-mouthed Strikeforce anti-hero from Stockton could beat the squeaky-clean UFC poster boy.