Look Out Tampa: Red Sox Take Momentum To ALCS

Alex PotterCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2016

The greatest game in the 2008 playoffs may now be behind us, but Red Sox Nation continues to celebrate this morning in Boston and all over the world.

The dream that every little boy has had, finally came true for the rookie Jed Lowrie who started the year off in Triple-A and should have won the game Sunday night but came through with the biggest hit of his career to date.

With this bottom of the ninth and two out hit, the Red Sox take a serious momentum swing into Tampa Bay for the A.L.C.S. starting Friday Night.

It has been rumored that Josh Beckett might start Game One, but at least to me it seems like they should start Daisuke Matsuzaka then Jon Lester then Josh Beckett.But the difference is I haven't won two world series in the last four years so I will leave the decision making to Terry Francona.

Once again, with last night behind us and half of Boston recovering from a serous hangover we haven't had since October '07 the question that now stands is: What do the Rays have to worry about, because they have never been in this situation and they do not know the pressure like the Red Sox do, and whether or not that is a good or bad thing.

I was listening on The Dennis and Callahan Morning Show on WEEI Boston (A shameless plug for my favorite sports talk radio station), and a caller brought up a valid point. The Rays took all of the experience of playing Boston and New York in high pressure situations and used that to start a claim versus Chicago.

We all saw how that worked out for them. With the familiarity of the two team, Tampa Bay will assume they have the upper hand ,but as we all know as bad as Boston fans are during the regular season, they are twice as spiteful towards the opposition during the playoffs especially the A.L.C.S..

Either way of what happens in this next series, whether it be Boston or Tampa Bay that wins both teams have a had a season for the record books.

The only thing that I hate about the A.L.C.S. this year, is that it is on TBS the worst baseball network, I would rather watch it on PBS than TBS, at least the Fox Sports guys know what they are talking about, if I had to go back and pick out all of the errors it made,it makes the Anaheim defense look good.

Prediction: Red Sox In five, and Jon Lester continues his 22+ inning scoreless playoff streak and I wouldn't be surprised to see Paul Bird or Tim Wakefield make an impact in the bullpen especially with them struggling as of late.