WWE Reality Check Volume 7: My Dream Matchups

Toby FoxContributor IJune 1, 2011

WWE Reality Check Volume 7: My Dream Matchups

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    Personally I find one of the most appealing aspects of the WWE SmackDown vs. RAW video game series to be the ability to mix and match any superstars you want in various feuds. And with the effects of time unfortunately defying the likelihood of some epic encounters, here is just a few of my top dream matchups, the last of which could feasibly happen and make for an epic WrestleMania main event, surpassing the Rock vs. Cena match in terms of star power.

The Ultimate War of Words- the Rock vs. Randy Savage

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    Now although this feud will never happen due to Savage's untimely passing (R.I.P), just imagine how entertaining this would have been. Both stars have numerous classic matches attributed to their names and were massive draws in their primes. Both highlights of their feud would have been their promos. These two men are probably the most charismatic wrestlers in history and the intensity of the Rock and the eccentricity of Savage would make them talking in an empty room for an hour epic to watch and some of the most hilarious moments of WWE programming would ensue for certain. 

The Nemesis of the Mongoose- Randy Orton vs. Steve Austin

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    Seeing how the similarities between these two are so apparent, a programme with each other would be entertaining. Both men strike swiftly and deadly, the RKO and the Stunner are two of the most over finishers in history and both men have been known to decimate their competition constantly, the Viper and the Rattlesnake have won numerous titles at the top of the company.

    Furthermore both men at their highest barely lost so this bout would certainly be unpredictable. If Austin is able to make a short return to the ring I think this would be a good match similar to The Rock vs. Cena. Orton proved at Over the Limit he can wrestle with the best of them and his methodical style would be good for Austin as it would reduce the chance of him hurting his neck again. 

Superhero Showdown- John Cena vs. Hulk Hogan

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    Now this feud is unlikely to happen as Hogan is currently in TNA, but this match would certainly be a crowd pleaser were it ever to take place. The current face of wrestling versus the man who made it big would be a real crowd pleaser as both have legions of fans. The result would also be in doubt seeing as neither of them ever seem to lose cleanly, much to the annoyance of myself and many others.

    However, this match may not be the most entertaining seeing as neither man is renowned for their ring work so it would be selling on star power alone, yet it is likely that could make the big PPV buys all on its own.

What Could It Be?

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    But really this article was made just to share this next slide which is why the first slides were lacking content wise. This next slide is my idea for the biggest match in history and it is actually feasible for WrestleMania 28, yet I admit it is a long shot.

The Biggest Match Ever

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    Currently the WrestleMania 28 main event is John Cena vs. The Rock. Here is how to make it better. At the Royal Rumble if he can do so, the Undertaker returns and wins it and inserts himself into the match as a triple threat match for the WWE title.

    Also Stone Cold has an issue with Cena taking his match too easily and decides he wants to be in it and it becomes a fatal four-way. Finally if he signs with the WWE, Sting joins the match as the RAW GM could be revealed as him so he becomes the last competitor.

    There you have the biggest match ever and I would like to see the Undertaker get the win to go 20-0 and do it over four men he has never beaten at WrestleMania. So what do you think about my ideas? Leave comments below and I apologize for the lack of content, it's not meant as a full article, just getting my opinion over.