WWE: Who Can Be the Next Rock and Austin for the WWE?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIApril 9, 2011

Rock and Austin, two of the greatest faces of the WWE during its Attitude era days that have yet to be replicated in similar fashion by the faces of the PG era.

Sure Cena can be considered at the top, but who else is there? And as time passes by, who else can be relied on to carry on the company? Miz? Sure he's a good choice, but for the long term he may end up hurting the company as he's not credible enough, or at least in my eyes, to carry a brand, and more specifically, a company.

Think long term out of the whole roster of superstars: Who will you choose to carry your company in the future?

It may sound like a real crazy idea, but I believe that two currently employed superstars can be the next Rock and Austin. Those superstars are Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield

Barrett and Sheffield aren't that far from being the next Rock and Austin.

Barrett has really great mic skills and has proven himself to be a star in his rookie year. He has already proven that he can hang with the big dogs, as he has feuded with John Cena and actually beat him, although with a little help.

Sheffield on the other hand has already shown signs of being a true "badass" seeing as how he was put to dominate and decimate everyone in his way before his dreaded injury. He also used to have the Backpack Stunner and the lookalike rattlesnake vest that Stone Cold used to have. Sheffield can easily get over with the fans, as proven by how many people miss him already, and he can work as a tough brawler. Plus, with the rumors that Vince is high on the guy, it can actually happen.

Wade Barrett can be the next Rock as he has been the most important NXT rookie of all time and can actually deliver good matches while excelling on the mic as proven by his "Winds of Change" promo on NXT. Barrett has also got the upper hand over Cena on a few occasions as well, like the Rock currently has been doing recently.

Barrett was the leader and Corre of Nexus, and without him, the Nexus lost all credibility. Barrett basically carried the group and made it seem like a true group of rookies hungry for a spot in the main event. But when Barrett left, the Nexus died. Punk tried to revive it, but couldn't because the group was about rookies and Punk was no rookie, whereas Barrett truly was a rookie.

Are Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield, the future's Rock and Austin, really a possibility?

Before you say no, think about Rock and Austin's careers. They started out unknown and doomed for failure in a way, but eventually became the icons that we know and love.

Barrett and Sheffield have already proven themselves as "rookies" and although they have been stalled by certain obstacles, there is still enough time on their side for this to happen.

Although they're still miles away from iconic status, they can eventually reach the top of the business. It all depends on how they are treated from here on out. 

If they are treated right, then we can most likely welcome Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield as the next generation's Rock and Austin.