John Cena: It's a Shame, I Was Starting to Like You

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IIApril 9, 2011

John Cena, the man the IWC can't live with, and well, can't live with.

I will be the first person to willingly admit that I have never liked John Cena.  It isn't hard for any of us to admit that.  But, to admit that he was growing on you, that is hard to do.

I even wrote this article about him last November, John Cena: Finally, I Can See You.

The last few years, even with the tabloid comments he made towards The Rock in a 2008 article with The Sun, I was starting to like the guy.

I've been a WWE fan since I was a little kid, so I try to remind myself that when I get upset about so many younger fans supporting Cena.

This, in my opinion, is a big reason that a lot of adult fans don't like Cena, cause it just isn't cool to like Cena.

Jealousy has to play some sort of factor in this as well.  If you can't be Cena, then boo Cena, right?

Honestly, what isn't there to like about Cena?  He is tough, strong and loves the wrestling business, just as much as his country.

I don't really agree with the whole, "he can't wrestle" argument, wrestling has been one of the last things to witness in WWE nowadays anyway.

From the day that Cena walked onto the WWE map in 2002, he went straight at Kurt Angle and hasn't stopped since.

The rapper gimmick really turned me away in the early days, and the constant winning turned me away in the later years.

The fact that WWE is doing such a good job with The Miz as a heel, I actually pulled for Cena this year.

The Miz really put me over the top, and I just couldn't cheer for him, so I was actually pulling for Cena to walk out of Wrestlemania with the WWE Championship.

I have to, and must draw the line; and cease all rooting for Cena, immediately.

With The Rock's return to the WWE, even if it isn't every week, every month, every other month, I don't care; I bleed Team Bring It.

Now that The Rock vs. John Cena has been made official at Wrestlemania XXVIII in Miami next year, I will be more against Cena then I ever have before.

While Wrestlemania 28 is a year away, I can't help but look at the similarities between the two stars, it is scary.

They are only four years apart in age, a few pounds apart, and both are actors in Hollywood.

While The Rock may be a bit of a bigger star in Hollywood then Cena, that doesn't discredit Cena, and how many followers he has.

The scariest number that jumps out at me, both men have seven WWE Championships, and two World Heavyweight Championships.

I don't think a lot of fans realize how established Cena is at this point in his career.  I have to remind myself a lot, that he has been doing this WWE gig for a solid nine years.

Not even The Rock has put in that many full-time years with the WWE (1996-2003).

I am not going to sit here, and write an article about Cena that says he doesn't deserve what he's got.

Cena has earned my respect and he has earned all of his achievements in the WWE to-date, and that's how I will always feel about it, regardless if someone tries to convince me otherwise.

However, the most electrifying man in all of sports and entertainment, the blue chipper, the peoples champion, never afraid to sweat, never afraid to bleed, team bring it, is never alone, garun-dam-teed; The Rock is my guy.  Always has been, always will be.

I am glad he is back, regardless of the capacity we see him each week.  I wouldn't miss his match at Wrestlemania 28 for anything in the world, I'll be there.


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