Top 10 Highlights, Hits, & Tidbits from Week Five

Kenji KanekoContributor IOctober 6, 2008

In Week Five of the NFL, we saw several things: the Texans' (a.k.a. Sage Rosenfels) meltdown against the Colts, the Redskins' comeback victory over the Eagles, and an exciting Monday night showdown between the Vikings and the Saints.

So, what were the Top 10 Highlights, Hits, & Tidbits from Week Five?


10. QB Kyle Orton of the Bears throws for 334 yards and 2 TDs in a 34-7 win.

Yes, THAT Kyle Orton. Then again, it was against the Lions. 


9. Cassel proves he can throw farther than 10 yards.

Surprising as it may be, New England QB Matt Cassel actually threw a pass (yes only one), longer than the usual 10 yard hook to Wes Welker, hooking up with WR Randy Moss on a 66-yard score.


8. Tony Gonzalez breaks Shannon Sharpe's record.

The lone bright spot for the Chiefs in the 34-0 loss against the Panthers, TE Tony Gonzalez broke Shannon Sharpe's prior record of 10,060 yards to become the all-time leader in receiving yards by a tight end.  Gonzalez previously broke Sharpe's records for most receptions and most touchdowns by a tight end. If I was Tony, I would retire right now, before the Chiefs go 1-15. Like RIGHT NOW.


7. Tony Romo nutmegs Miles Austin for Patrick Crayton.

Remember in soccer when you used to disrespect the kid across from you by nutmegging him? Well QB Tony Romo did that to WR Miles Austin, but it actually went for a TD.


6. Aaron Rodgers bombs it to Donald Driver for a 44 yard TD.

QB Aaron Rodgers, bum shoulder and all, tossed a sweet touchdown pass between two defenders to WR Donald Driver.


5. Felix Jones sons the Cincinnati Bengals defense.

On a 4th-and-4, Dallas RB Felix Jones turned a toss to the outside into a blazing 33-yard TD run. Maybe that's why so many people hate Cowboys: They go for it on 4th-and-4 IN THE FIRST QUARTER.


4. The Vikings are dumb enough to keep punting to Reggie Bush.

In the Monday night game, the Vikings gave up not one, but two punt return TDs to Saints RB and punt returner extraordinaire Reggie Bush.  

Hmm, if you were the Vikes' special-teams coach, you would probably just punt it out of bounds the next time around, right?

Then again, this is the franchise that drafted Tarvaris Jackson to be their franchise QB.


3. Adrian Wilson concusses Trent Edwards.

Early in the first quarter of the Cardinals' 41-17 win over the Bills, SS Adrian Wilson laid the smack down on Bills' QB Trent Edwards, knocking Edwards out the game with a concussion.

This comes a week after the hit that Eric Smith put on WR Anquan Boldin. Unlike that hit though, Wilson's hit on Edwards appeared to be clean to me.

Concusses is such a great word.


2. & 1. Sage Rosenfels chokes hard as he gives the game away to the Colts.

Let's just say that QB Matt Schaub doesn't have to worry about a quarterback controversy in Houston anytime soon.  

Backup QB Sage Rosenfels single-handedly lost the game by committing three bonehead turnovers in the last four minutes of the game. With his second fumble, Rosenfels set up the Colts offense and WR Reggie Wayne for a Spiderman-esque TD catch (No. 2 highlight of the week).

Thus, Rosenfels, a career journeyman and generally awful quarterback, holds the Top Play (or rather dumbest, most unnecessarily-stupid plays) of the NFL Week Five with his fourth-quarter meltdown against the Colts. Congratulations Sage, you earned it.