WWE Role Reversal Vol.1: Can CM Punk's Humanity Make Him See the Light?

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WWE Role Reversal Vol.1:  Can CM Punk's Humanity Make Him See the Light?

To those who read my last article, WWE Character Psychology 101:  Case Study:  John Cena, the Quelled Beast Inside, welcome back.  To the new faces, a short catch-up.

After John Cena's recent feud with The Rock culminated at WrestleMania 27 (John Cena failing to capture Miz's WWE Championship on his own as the match ended in a double-countout, Rock restarting the match and Rock Bottoming Cena's last remaining shred of hope of taking home the title), it's become blatantly obvious to me that Cena's biggest problem is simple.

It's not his good looks, his charm, his goofy sense of humor or his whimsical nature.  It's not even that he's, as many would feel, in desperate need of a heel turn.  John's biggest problem is two-fold:  1) the actions he takes and the stances he supports on other competitors no longer demonstrate a human level of anger, emotion or self-control.  2) John Cena's lived this on-screen character for so long that the number of people who honestly believe that he's incapable of playing a bad guy, or even a slightly meaner one, is growing in leaps and bounds.

They feel that his genuine smile, his numerous comedic appearances on various late night talk shows and sketch comedy programs, his active and regular participation in institutions such as Make-A-Wish and his over-arcing vibrancy and casual persona don't lend itself to John's on-screen character changing much, if at all, from who he is currently.

This stigma that follows Cena around, that he's a "natural" babyface and that he wouldn't make sense as a heel, seems to be popular among members of the IWC in regard to many of WWE's stars, past and present.  Ultimately, we need to remember:  whether a character we see on TV is realistic and true to who the person is in real life, or if it's an entirely fictional persona that's portrayed accurately by the man or woman in question, really doesn't matter as long as we're entertained, right?

IWC, let's be really honest here:  how many of us actually know guys like Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Kevin Nash, Big Show, Stone Cold or The Rock personally?  All of them have had times at the top as personalities that were cheered and praised, yet how many of us know who they really are behind the scenes?  They may be just like the person we see in the ring, they may not.

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