Aaron Rodgers Grimaces but Ted Thompson Is Really in Pain

Don ZakCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008

Each National Football League game reveals the characteristics of the teams in obvious and subtle ways. Each game provides the opportunity for the coaches, players, and owners to expose themselves in dynamic and interesting ways. And for any Packers fan watching the Falcons game, three obvious and not so obvious characteristic became apparent.

1. The Defense is in Trouble – Key injuries to the secondary and D-line have exposed the weakness of the backups.


2. Mike McCarthy is stealing plays from Mike Sherman, circa 2004 (First Down – Pass Incomplete, Second Down – Run for Two Yards, Third Down and Eight yards To Go).


3. Aaron Rodgers can throw a long touchdown pass into double coverage just like Brett Favre would.


Also during the last game, some subtle characteristics have also emerged to distinguish the team.

1.  The secondary needs Al Harris and Atari Bigby back. These key personnel allow the defense to play a more aggressive strategy.


2.  Aaron Rodgers needs to handle playing in pain better. If every grimace face he makes to the sideline after a throw is any indication of a player, he is certainly not comparable to Brett Favre.


     I remember reading in the papers after the game that, during a routine postgame physical, it was revealed that Brett had played the entire game with a dislocated shoulder. But never during the game would you see Brett exhibiting any physical signs of discomfort.


     I felt embarrassed for Aaron and the team the way he kept looked back to the sideline holding his sore arm in discomfort, longing for the proverbial hug from Mom. 

Quick Tip for Rodgers: Don’t let the opposing team know you are in pain. It will only fuel them to try to hurt you more. Second, be a man and play with some composure for God’s sake.


3.  The myopic vision of Ted Thompson is coming true. Replacing a three-time NFL MVP for an injury-prone, unproven “rookie” is returning to Ted exactly what he self-assuredly knew wouldn’t happen. That his first pick ever is not even going to last a full season of play.

What can we learn from watching more games as true Packer fans? What dread and terror does the future hold for us? In many ways, we can see what a team truly assembled by Ted Thompson looks like.

Without a proven quarterback to keep the defense from loading up in the box, the offense is going to struggle all season. But more importantly, we will learn that Thompson, in his megalomaniac ways, was and is willing to sacrifice the entire team and season just to be rid of Brett Favre. Most importantly, it looks like it will be a long two years until the organization realizes the error in its ways and fires Ted Thompson.