What's happened to Mike Patrick?

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIApril 8, 2011

If you've followed football over the years, you'll know ESPN's Mike Patrick.

Patrick used to be the guy that you'd hear on a Saturday night, putting a smile on our face on ESPN's coverage. He had a wonderful three-year stint with Todd Blackledge doing College Football Primetime, which basically gave him the excuse to go to night games at big-time SEC and Big Ten colleges, which included Penn State's "Stadium White-Out" schellacking of Notre Dame.

If anything goes crazy, he'll whack out a "Holy Cow!" or an "Are you kidding me?".

Of course, I remember him for randomly talking about Britney Spears in the Georgia-Alabama game (which Georgia won in OT with Matt Stafford as QB), but sadly, he had his moments, like when at an Oregon game he said "Either those pink whistles on the refs are for breast cancer or we've got issues." Not his greatest moment.

Since he's gone to go and do games with Craig James—and he called an outstanding game when Wisconsin squeaked by Arizona State this year—we've had to go through the very dull Sean McDonough. How does Todd feel?