Insuring World Cup Events and IPL Players, at a Price: From Sachin to Gambhir

Linus FernandesAnalyst IIApril 7, 2011

Sachin Tendlular: insured at Rs. 44.97 crores
Sachin Tendlular: insured at Rs. 44.97 croresRitam Banerjee/Getty Images

Almost all top guns in the IPL have been insured by their respective teams, ranging from Sachin Tendulkar (Rs. 44.97 crores) to Gautam Gambhir (Rs. 11.64 crores).

Wouldn’t it have been a great idea for the ICC to secure insurance coverage against original trophies locked down by bureaucratic Customs officials? The eventualities covered could include embarrassment caused by disclosures that the "hugged-and-kissed" trophy is a replica, free World Cup tickets demanded by said officials and sundry miscellaneous damages including loss-of-face.

Similarly, controversies caused by re-tosses during World Cup finals could be insured against.

Players, too, can join the bandwagon. Mahela Jaywardene can seek assurance for making a "final ton" in a losing cause.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir can insure against making mere 90s in a winning World Cup cause.

Ireland can opt for a policy that monetises their disappointment at losing out on the 2015 World Cup despite a stellar show.

England, however, might have to pay a hefty premium for making or not making the knockout rounds. Can inconsistency be valued?

Television viewers should opt in for policies that reimburse them for subjecting themselves to more and more cricket, causing eyeball fatigue and burnout.

Poonam Pandey can be the beneficiary of a policy that covers her traveling and living expenses in Paris and a free pass to the top of Eiffel Tower where she can do the Full Monty.

“Untouchables” Pakistani cricketers want a policy that compensates them for not being able to play in the IPL.

Franchisees, in turn, wish to be compensated for losses incurred if they sign on Pakistani players and they are not allowed to participate.

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