The Game of Recruiting Anyone? The Difference Between Alabama and Auburn

Jacob BrunkContributor IOctober 6, 2008

Let's talk about the implications of recruiting based on how the season has gone thus far. I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and anyone with some guts should come with me.

Auburn has been completely shut out of the Southeastern part of this country in recruiting. The metaphorical door has been shut, and I doubt Tommy Tuberville is even seeing daylight through the cracks at this point.

After this weekend's embarrassing performance from Auburn, coupled with their heart-wrenching loss to LSU, every high school athlete in the state is thinking, "Well, hey, if I'm going to play football, I'm gonna go to the schools that are winning in the best conference in college football." That's sure what I would be thinking at any rate.

I would laugh in the face of any recruiter from across the plains that came to me my junior year in high school. The first thing that would pop into my brain would be the dominance of the other school in the state of Alabama halfway through the 2008 season, and then, let's see...a loss to Vanderbilt? Yeah, that kind of thing turns heads.

The last time Vandy was ranked and beat another ranked team? Let's see here, open up the history book—ah, here it is: 1956. Why, that was only the other day! Yeah, as if Auburn.

Now the Tide seems to have found a winning combination of recruits through a brilliant strategy that is insanely simple. Why can't Auburn seem to figure this out—or what a quarterback may be useful for?

Alabama is running rampant with a stable of four-star recruits. That's it. All the teams concerned with Mr. Five-Star athlete, well give that up. We all saw how well that worked for somebody named Knowshon Moreno. At least he had backup from Stafford...oh wait. What was that, 31 points in two quarters?

Now having said that, this weekend's performance from Alabama...well, all I'm gonna say about that is at least we know that we can win a game where everything that can possibly goes wrong will. We played like we were concerned with winning but not focused on it.

Going back to recruiting, Nick Saban has set up a living dynasty down in Tuscaloosa that shows every high school athlete in Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama especially, and probably Louisiana and parts of Florida that UA is here to get it done, and get it done right.

If you look at the caliber of players coming into Tuscaloosa and where they are coming from, it's nothing but a Saban recruiting machine in motion.

Take a good look around the state, Auburn. Look at the kids from Hoover, from Tuscaloosa County, from Briarwood Christian...and then say goodbye. After you look at them, take a look at their $50,000 cars—I believe their license plates say Roll Tide in big crimson letters.