WrestleMania: Revisiting Past WrestleManias to Make Future 'Manias Better

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WrestleMania: Revisiting Past WrestleManias to Make Future 'Manias Better
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Since Sunday's WrestleMania 27, there have been a flurry on Bleacher Report concerning what made this year's show less than stellar. I myself took part in this criticism, dragging out my own soapbox, and preaching the WrestleMania Gospel According to Mixon.

Having had a few days to cool down from the PPV, I realize what bothered me: it wasn't the excitement (save for the 'Taker v. Triple H match) or the spectacle that I as a viewer have come to expect from the Granddaddy of Them All.

Like a lot of the readers here, I've literally seen every WrestleMania, either on VHS, DVD, or onDemand. I can actually remember my first WrestleMania: WrestleMania IV, a PPV so big, it was on TWO VHS tapes when I rented it from a local 'mom and pop' video/baseball card store.

I took money I'd earned having a yard sale, rented the tapes, bought a pizza from the Domino's next door, took all these things home, and made an evening of it. It was an event, and it was worth it. Having seen it repeatedly over the years, I still think it is.

I'd like to feel this way about WrestleMania again. What's more, I think Vince McMahon and WWE are completely capable of putting it back on top as the premiere PPV in sports entertainment.

Best of all, they have all the tools and inspiration at their own fingertips, simply by reviewing what made the product great over the years. By getting back to its roots, I submit that WrestleMania can not only survive, but become relevant again.

Step by step, let's take a step back in time, and see what made some of the past shows great, and how they could apply to the future.

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