Sports Show with Norm Macdonald: Why We're Going to Love This Show

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIApril 9, 2011

Sports Show with Norm Macdonald: Why We're Going to Love This Show

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    Bob Uecker. Charles Barkley. Shaquille O’Neal. These are a few of the names that bring sports and comedy together. Add Norm Macdonald to that list.

    On Tuesday, April 12, at 10:30, Comedy Central brings us the next big thing in sports. Macdonald begins a new era of sports talk shows, but with a twist. Sports Show is not your average sports program. Each week, there will be an honest look at what everyone is thinking, but too afraid to say.

    We have seen the analysts get their chance. They beat the dead horse; now it’s Norm’s turn. If you have ever had an opinion about athletes taking revealing photos of themselves, or why everyone hates Alex Rodriguez, this is the show for you.

    This is one sports fan to another, telling it as it is.

    The show is going to be a hit, and here are the top 15 reasons to watch and enjoy the new sports parody news show…

Reason #15: Macdonald Lives for the Desk Jokes

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    Macdonald will be the first to tell you that roasts are not for him. He loves standup, but this is also not where he shines.

    It is the power of the desk that fuels him. He will be returning to his home on Comedy Central this Tuesday at 10:30 pm.

Reason #14: Comedy + Sports = Infallible

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    If we can tolerate politics and comedy, we can certainly tolerate sports and comedy. It's the greatest untapped resource.

    Back when they were a little more well-behaved, we were used to glorifying our athletes.

    Now, it's all fair game. With the instant access to information we have now, nothing happens that we don't find out about.

    I trust that the Sports Show research team will find the cream of the crop every week and keep it all fresh.

Reason #13: Comedy Central Has Some of the Best New Programming

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    Everyone knows about South Park, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. It’s now time for a new wave of top-notch programming.

    Comedy Central has raised the bar. Roasts, Tosh.0, and Workaholics are only a few of the new Comedy Central hits.

    Sports Show is going to take it to another level. The only thing people like more than sports is making fun of it. 

Reason #12: A Change from Analysis Paralysis

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    I think that if the Bulls can hit their three pointers, they will win…

    I think that if the Knicks play an iota of defense, they will win…

    I think if the Heat score more points than their opponent, they will win…

    I think I’m going to shoot myself.

    Sorry, Chris Singleton, but I don't care about your take on interleague play.

    Sports Show is not your run-of-the-mill sports talk show. Macdonald will change the way you view your favorite sports team, because he will humiliate it.

Reason #11: Norm Macdonald Is Hilarious

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    Recently, Macdonald had his own Comedy Central special, Me Doing Stand-Up, and he killed.

    The guy is on a crazy run right now, between his standup, late night talk show appearances, and preparing for the new show. He's learned from the best comedians out there, and knows what works and what doesn’t.

    The show should be an immediate success, taking the sports world by storm.

Reason #10: The Show Will Be Better Than SportsDome

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    The Onion's SportsDome was, for lack of a better word, trash.

    People don't want to watch a bad parody of Sportscenter. We want someone to just get up there and tell everyone why sports anchors suck. We don’t need to infer it.

    Sports Show is just that; a show that calls out clear double-standards, the ridiculousness that is the modern-day athlete, and the media that travels around waiting on them hand and foot.

    Sports Show doesn’t need to make up crazy stories about athletes. These jocks do plenty of dumb things on their own. Macdonald is just making sure you don’t forget about it.

Reason #9: Macdonald Has Discovered Twitter

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    Since preparing for the show, Macdonald has taken to Twitter, where he has now become an addict. Apparently, it has gotten so bad that he is now in a Twitter feud with Steve Martin.

    Between tweeting for the show, and his own account, Macdonald has become obsessed. The best part about his Twitter account is that you can basically hear him telling jokes all day. When he thinks of something funny, you’ll know about it within five minutes.

    Is this a blessing or a curse? I don’t know, but I’ll let you know when I get tired of it.

Reason #8: We Finally Have a Voice of the People

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    Who can we really rely on these days to talk like a real sports fan? Jim Rome? No, he's the worst. Charles Barkley? Are you kidding me?

    Macdonald will go out on camera every week and put the sports world in its place. The Sports Show website has already started an “unnecessary poll question of the day,” along with funny blogs where you can get all of your real sports news.

    Sports fans love to talk about the games honestly. All of the “analysts” (you know who you are) don’t have the guts to call it as they see it.

    Stupid athletes: meet your worst nightmare.

Reason #7: Great Relationship with Comedy Central

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    In 2005, Comedy Central gave Macdonald his own pilot, Back to Norm. It never turned into a show, but it didn't affect their relationship.

    Since then, he has been part of the roast of Bob Saget, and recently had his own standup special, Me Doing Stand-Up. It was hilarious, and if you haven’t watched it yet, put down whatever you're doing right now and get to it.

    Sports Show is Comedy Central’s newest project, and something you cannot miss.

Reason #6: Based off of the Daily Show

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    If you like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you are going to love Sports Show.

    Stewart and Macdonald are good friends, with similar comedic tactics. They both go after the big guys who clearly need to be made fun of. Macdonald has appeared on The Daily Show several times, and each time, makes Stewart basically fall out of his chair.

    Sports Show's monologue and independent, cutting-edge reporting will be similar to The Daily Show, but with Macdonald, we're listening to sports, which is about a hundred times better than politics.

    If you want to watch the other Macdonald appearances on Stewart's show, click here, or here.

Reason #5: No Censor

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    Macdonald perfected his comedy style on SNL. He classically picked on O.J. Simpson and Bob Dole, and made Weekend Update one of the most popular segments on the show for years.

    He wanted to do Sports Show live, which Comedy Central nixed pretty quickly.  They recognized that, at times, there is no controlling Norm.

    One of his more honest jokes:

    "Who are safer drivers? Men, or women? Well, according to a new survey, 55% of adults feel that women are most responsible for minor fender-benders, while 78% blame men for most fatal crashes. Please note that the percentages in these pie graphs do not add up to 100% because the math was done by a woman. [Crowd groans.] For those of you hissing at that joke, it should be noted that that joke was written by a woman. So, now you don't know what he hell to do, do you? [Laughter] Nah, I'm just kidding, we don't hire women."

Reason #4: Working with the Best Writers in the Business

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    Macdonald is going back to his roots. He's working with the two guys from Weekend Update back when he worked the desk and a group of other talented writers from the original David Letterman show.

    During an interview with BigLeadSports, Macdonald said, “Then we have 4-5 guys who don’t know nothing about sports. We feel like it's important to pull us back and not get too arcane because it will all drift into like, jokes that only like five people will understand.”

    This going to be a show for everyone…Macdonald gets it.

Reason #3: Macdonald Hosted the 1998 ESPYs

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    If you want to get a good impression of how the show is going to go, just watch his performance at the 1998 ESPY awards. Nobody's off-limits, everyone's a target, and Macdonald pulls no punches.

    Think about it this way: When he made those jokes, he had athletes staring right back at him. With Sports Show, he gets to sit in a cushy studio with a whole group of people stopping angry mobs from mauling him.

    Advantage: Norm.

Reason #2: Macdonald Will Be a Better Sports Commentator Than Dennis Miller

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    Everyone remembers Dennis Miller’s two-year stint on Monday Night Football, when he habitually offered ridiculous and rather obscure references throughout the program.

    Miller too was a Weekend Update anchor for years, making us wonder if we're going to be berated with the same loosely based analogies Miller loved. Here are a few of his gems:

    "Hey, Cunningham -- Andy Warhol called. You're at 14:55 and we're tickin' big-time here, Chachi."

    Or how about:

    "Somebody call Janet Reno -- I think I just saw Donato dragging Doug Flutie into a locker room closet!"

    I don’t think we need to worry…

Reason #1: Bringing Back the Weekend Update

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    All of you SNL fans out there know that Macdonald made his name on the show sitting behind the Weekend Update desk. No impressions, no sketch comedy, just jokes. 

    From 1994-1997, Macdonald was THE name of fake, prime-time television news. Chevy Chase, the original anchor for Weekend Update, once said that Macdonald is the only anchor since his time to actually have done the part right. 

    Macdonald is psyched to get back to desk comedy, and so should everyone else.