UFC 130: Gray Maynard Is Fit Enough to Wear the UFC Lightweight Belt

Michael EvansCorrespondent IIIApril 7, 2011

As I sat on my couch this evening watching the newest episode of The Ultimate Fighter, I found myself not all that into the episode.  The show was decent, but I was very tired. 

What actually ended up catching my eye came as a surprise.  It was Gray Maynard. 

Maynard normally comes off as a pretty boring fellow.  I’m just being honest here.  His interviews are often not the most entertaining. 

That being said, he actually made me laugh this evening.  He was being sarcastic about being fit enough to wear the UFC lightweight belt and that the first round of his last fight with Frankie Edgar was close.  He nearly got me to laugh, twice. 

He also added, while speaking to Amir Sadollah on Spike TV’s Inside the Octagon, that he believes that the first round of the second fight with Edgar should have been scored 10-7.  After giving that statement some thought, I really think he is on to something. 

Now that I have seen the round again, I agree that he should have won that round 10-7. After I account for the multiple times he knocked Frankie down and his utter domination for the entire course of that round, I agree with Gray’s assessment.   

Could this title fight at UFC 130 be the greatest of the three between Maynard and Edgar?  I believe it has all the makings to be a great match. 

Could Gray finally win the title?  Even though Frankie has beaten BJ Penn and many others, he has never been able to figure out a way to stop Gray Maynard.  

Maynard showed wrestling dominance in their first fight and nearly knocked him out in their second fight. He also has developed a sense of humor for their third encounter in the Octagon. 

A man who can joke reminds me of Muhammad Ali.  Ali was always calm, collected and calculating.  He was a joker, but that was because of utter confidence. 

Gray Maynard has that before this fight and he will win it.