As I Was Eating Breakfast This Monday Morning....

Anthony EliasCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008

I have chose to begin a new weekly segment, titled "As I Was Eating Breakfast This Monday Morning...." As the title obviously states, I will post my thoughts stemming from the previous week and/or weekend in sports, all over my bowl of cereal/oatmeal/glass of OJ. (No that was not an innuendo about O.J. Simpson...but it might be...)

1. *Grabbing my bowl*:"Wow Penn State really showed that their defense could stop an explosive offense. They looked a bit flustered last week, but turned in a solid performance on the road this week against Purdue, holding them to six points. And to come on a day in which the PSU offense wasn't hitting the pay dirt all too often, really showed the teamwork of this balanced football team.

2. *Pouring my Corn Flakes*: By the way, those rankings looked pretty decent today. No change among the top 10 teams that was significant, and Ball St. debuted at 25, as Wisconsin dropped out. I was hoping Wisconsin would be ranked for their prime time game against PSU next week at Madison, but either way, PSU will have to take care of business.

3. *Pouring the skim milk*: I'm really glad the Phillies won the series yesterday. If they would have lost yesterday at Milwaukee, I would not have been too confident heading back to Philadelphia for a Game Five, not with CC Sabathia pitching.

Yeah we beat him once. With the first postseason Grand Slam in Phillies history, and the first of Shane Vicotorino's career. With two amazing nine and 10 pitch at bats by Bret. t Myers. Yeah that kind of stuff will not happen again.

So definitely glad the Phillies wrapped it up, and can use the extra rest before opening up against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Philadelphia on Thursday. Hamels for sure could use the rest.

4. *Eating*: Boy I can't believe the Angels won that game last night. I still think the Red Sox will wrap it up tonight. By the way, the White Sox have stayed alive, and I still think they can win that series.

But perhaps the most intriguing part of the weekend was the much maligned Cubbies getting beat up. Stomped on. Completely demolished. I can not think of a more surprising storyline of this postseason than the Cubs getting swept. Not a single other team can be swept this postseason, despite four of them falling behind 0-2. The Angels, White Sox, and Brewers won the Game Threes...and the Cubs lost. Unbelievable.

5. *Drinking my OJ*: OJ Simpson. Are you kidding me? Is this man the worst sports villain of all time? I don't get it...he must be in a race with Cinncinatti Bengals for the most arrests. He might just be leading. Ah who am I kidding?

6. *Putting my dish in the sink*: So some other random thoughts: The Eagles? Can you say a bit overrated at 2-3...or is that NFC East division really that good? And as I watched yesterday's Brewers and White Sox crowds, I realized that they had rally towels! The Phillies came up with the rally towel in baseball, and everyone else copied. I think...If you can prove me wrong, be my guest...